im thinking of selling my paige,,,,:( am i crazy? :(

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  1. HelP! :sad:

    ive been having this feeling that maybe i should sell it;(

    i love it SOSOSOSO much but i havent used it that much :sad: It is heavy when i fill it with stuff,

    its not heavy when its empty but since i got it to carry around my books, txtbooks etc,,,those items way so much alone any added weight from the bag is bad :sad:

    BUT I LOVE IT!!!! :sad: and its not really that heavy,,,,,

    but i did have back surgery a year ago,,,and im not really supposed to carry stuff too heavy so maybe its not hte best for me?

    Im kinda thinking of getting this JUicy couture bag,,,

    i know juicy vs. kooba there cant be much of a comparison,,, im sure the leather on the koobas is a whole different world,,,, but i like this juicy bag for some reason,,,, and its giant and light weight and i really think the heart thing is cute (but im 23 now will i think its cute when im 30? ) i think i will but i need others opinions,,,

    here it is

    and here you can see how big it is, big enough for a laptop!

    SOOOOO i need help ladies

    1) what do i do about my feelings of wanting to sell paige?!!?!?! :sad: do i do it

    2) do i get this bag in place (so i have another big bag-or do you hate it!)

    it would be about 1/2 the price of the Kooba so of course iw ould have $$ left over to pay for things i need to pay for,,,,,

    opinions please :smile: oxoxoxoxxo Bessie
  2. I say...if you love the juicy then get it. I think it really would suit you! :yes:

    If your not feeling the paige then I would sell it.
    Just make sure you hold onto that Elisha!!! That bag is timeless!

    I think the juicy is a nice bag for you young 'uns, but Im 31 and its too cool for me :lol:
  3. What difference does it make if you will like Juicy when you are 30 or not? By then you will have bought and sold 100 bags!

    If a bag no longer serves it purpose and there is no particular reason to hang onto it...why not sell it?

    Personally I think there are much cooler bags out there than the one shown but keep in mind I am 51 and have different tastes.

    If I wanted a BIG lightweight bag I might look toward Tano, something like the Hollywood or another style. They are fun and inexpensive yet still hold their value in general on Ebay.
  4. Bess, I think that Juicy would be perfect for you, fun and light and practical, you don't want the extra weight of a heavy bag if you've got back problems.. and girl, you don't want to worry about what you will like in ten years (unless it's a major investment, like a Hermes..)

    Live for today, it suits your needs at the moment, flog the Paige, get the Juicy and have some cash over, sounds perfect to me:yes:
  5. hehe thanks guys!!! :smile:

    you are right who am i kidding thinking about what i will like when im 30 i sell bags every like 6 months when i get sick of them

    and i jsut got a tano and its sooooooo lightweight like paper but its so thin that actually using it just once i noticed a plaace where the leatehr cracked, and so although tanos are cheaper and maybe hold the value, i am not sure the ones i like (not cracked leather or that shiny stuff) will hold up long enoough without showing damage

    ALSO the juicy one will only cost about $75 more then a tano so,,,,

    i dunno i think its cute,,, :smile: maybe i should just go for it and sell dear paige (MAN i feel guilty!)
  6. I agree with what everyone has said. I'm selling my speedy now after only a few months because I'm not feeling it anymore. There are always going to be other bags you want, and if you sell the ones you aren't as into, than that is just a plus.
  7. I think if you wait a few months and you still want the JC then you could sell your paige. Just make sure you are really over the kooba before you have regrets!!!KWIM!:flowers:
  8. How cool are these for $160.00 bags? The first is a Tano Shopper, the second is a Tano Sexy Terry, both at musthavebags.

    And lightweight! And as far as wear on a Tano, mine get BETTER with age, just like me.

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  9. they are so cute the tano bags and i love the bright colors BUT i dont like the shiny leather :sad: i went to see them in person adn they just didnt impress me :sad:

    I bought one in the old lamb leather they used to make its sosososo beautifulu and soft but very thin and i can tell with lots of use it will show wear quickly but it wasnt SOSOSO $$ that im gonna go nuts worrying about it
  10. I have that Sexy Terry in red and I get more compliments on it than any bag I've ever owned. LOL

    I say get the JC, hang onto the Paige for awhile and see how you feel about it a bit later. If you don't love Paige totally still, then bye bye.

  11. that is true too,,,, i wish i could afford the juicy without selling anything but my other things im trying to sell now arent selling for some reason :sad: M b MJ wallet, brand new coach wallet, tiffanys earrings, things i was SURE people would want to buy

    but alas its not working out ;(

    so i dunno what to do,,, i love paige shes so beautiful but i just have only used her 2 times :sad:

  12. thats what i want to do so much but i cant afford it,,i mean i could and have to pay it off later but i already have a big CC bill coming so,,, AH!
  13. Don't lose sleep over selling a bag.

    I bought a Kooba Bonnie, such a cute little thing and that red leather...gawd it is lovely....BUT, I don't use her. So right now she is up on Ebay.

    I love the thought of cleaning out stuff I don't use to fund another bag I will.

    Thank goodness we buy nice things that hold their value (most of the time).

    If your things are not selling, take them off the market for abit and try again later, it is all in timing.
  14. Aw Bessie, I know what you mean about heavy bags, they wear you out & your shoulder starts getting sore. I'd go with the more practical bag for everyday school use.

    But your Paige looks so cute on you & we all know you love it! But you've got to spare your back.
  15. You've already gotten great advice, but I agree, if you aren't lovin' that Paige then sell it, especially if you are hurting your back. You can get another handbag, you can't just order up another back! You'll get good money for that Paige too, in the perfect condition I'm sure its in.