I'm thinking of my first Chloe bag.. help

Nov 7, 2007
Heloise is a lovely bag - with incredible leather. The leather does hold up well - but a warning on the both the handle and weight. The full sized satchel style heloise is heavy to carry - the smaller version which interests you shouldn't be as bad. Handles, yes - there have been some issues. I had one of the handles snap on my small pewter heloise - but it is fixable, and I was able to do it myself - there is a reference thread showing how to do this - should it happen to anyone... Knock on wood though - no problems with the other 3 heloise bags I have owned.

Saks fifth ave, Neiman Marcus, Net-a-porter??? They do pop up on ebay as well as little websites like www.annsfabulousfinds.com

good luck!