I'm thinking of looking at the Heritage tote more closely!

  1. I was at the mall today, so I stopped by both Nordstrom and Coach just looking around. After reading about several people getting the Heritage swingpacks for vacations, etc(hello, Fields - Disney!!) I was thinking how practical this fabric would be for outings. My husband has a classic car, and in the summer we spend alot of time on weekend sat classic car shows, sitting in pull-out chairs with me worrying if my signature bag is winding up on the ground! I tried on a swingpack, but that is just too small and just not me. BUT...the small tote might be just perfect! I would look at the medium size if it was for everyday wear, but just for outings, I'd like to carry as little as possible, but still have enough room for my sunglass case. So any opinions on these bags? I just read the Heritage Club thread, and there are plenty of fans there! I like this one alot and it looked really cute on! Wow cute skinny too!
    heritage tote.jpg heritge skinny.jpg
  2. I think you should get it.. I love the material of this collection
  3. wow, great idea!!! I think it would be great for the summer and the things you do!!! :tup:
  4. Get it!
  5. You should get it! I think it would be great for outdoors and summer activities!! Good luck in deciding!
  6. Hmm, maybe Ill drop a Valentine's Day hint...
  7. I think you should get it! I just got mine today and I'm itching to use it, but I won't until it warms up some and some of this snow melts.
  8. I think you should go for it! I'm also thinking of getting the heritage stripe swingpack. I want a bag I can use when I don't want to carry a lot or am wanting to be hands-free and the fact that it is coated is a big bonus! I too am worried that the swingpack will be too small for me though and for the same reason you stated above, the sunglasses! My sunglass case will not fit in a swingpack! Perhaps I should consider the tote as well..:thinking: