I'm thinking of getting this...what do you guys think?

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  1. I like it! Love the pockets. I haven't seen it IRL (no one sells Dior around here) but this bag catches my attention every time I come across a photo of it.
  2. I quite like it but not the colour. Looks a bit drab and porridgy to me, lol! Does it come in other colours?
  3. I think it's okay, it looks as though it would show soil easily though.
  4. This is the only color I've seen it in...I'm trying to see if a store around here has it so I can see it in person. Maybe a day trip to Dior store is in order.
  5. i like how this bag has lots of pockets!!! Plus, it looks like it will fit lots in it and it will fit nicely on your shoulder! Let us know if you can get it any other colour - i agree the white can get dirty quite easily and if its canvas material it will/might be difficult to clean! :smile:
  6. I like the design and color. I'm just worried about the fabric.
  7. Cute bag, but I'd recommend another color. It'll look horrible once it gets dirty IMO.
  8. I saw this bag in brown and black.
  9. Any color but white or black..

    Not too fond of the print in black.
  10. Fabulous bag-love the pockets, and the color is perfect for spring and summer-I have to check this one out myself!
  11. Isn't this bag comes in silver too? I saw one at the Dior boutique.
  12. I actually like the color :biggrin:
    It looks so soft..
  13. Great bag! It's a beauty!
  14. nice;)