i'm thinking of getting this tote, what do you think?

  1. I like it..Prada came out with it for fall in NYLON..I actually like the nylon one better IRL.The Prada store in SOHO had them..I use SADA there if you need help picking one.
    Plus the nylons are only 890 ish..LOL..cheaper and cuter...
  2. thanks Jill, i like the nylon prada bags BUT i want to use this tote for college and almost every one there has a nylon prada lol..
    do you know if there's more colours from the canvas tote in the prada store in SOHO?
  3. hi! i'm new to prada and miu miu - but i'm loving the style! its a beautiful tote. but nylon?.... i prefer the leather. i think it will last longer. also- everytime i see a nylon bag- (black esp) they get all dusty and dirty... but i have never owned a nylon bag. jmo. good luck.
  4. No way would I EVER pay that kind of money for anything less than an all leather bag. I nearly fainted when I saw the price on that bag: for NYLON?? Nope. Give me leather, thanks.
  5. It's really cute, but it is a bit pricey for a mostly canvas bag.
  6. yeah it is cute and all but the price tag is a killer, and for that kinda fabric, i would think twice before getting it.
  7. Sooooo nice!!!! But the price is up there....seems like a handheld bag though?...:shrugs:
  8. ^yes it is, but it comes with detachable shoulder strap.

    it's cute yeah but i changed my mind! it's overpriced and i'm sure it will get dirty very very fast.
    thanks everyone
  9. It is so cute.
  10. Very nice bag!! Little over-priced, though, for canvas.
  11. ^ I agree with purplekitty22. Its nice but a little too pverpriced IMO.
  12. ^ yeah, OMG it's only $785 BIN
    too bad i don't DO e-bay!
  13. Very cute but cant believe they can charge that for that fabric.