Im thinking of getting this Fiorelli handbag...

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  1. What do you think?


  2. Its gorgeous! I bet its a good price as well as it Fiorelli :biggrin:
  3. love it!
  4. Absolutely!!!
  5. I like it!
  6. Really really like it.
  7. Get it!
  8. I like it too - go for it!
  9. Great colour and chic design - have you decided yet?
  10. #10 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    great shape - I love it too !! Will you buy the purple one ?
    I have visited their website to see the colors and the price ... is the quality good for such a low price ?
  11. Very nice! What other colors does it come in?
  12. Luv the shape and color!
  13. yea fiorelli bags are nice and chic! GOOOD FOR IT!!!
  14. This is the one I was trying to make my mind up on, they come in a few sizes and the smaller one I wanted for around fifty quid. There is a biscuit/cream coloured version too but the plum is so beautiful. I have a couple of Fiorelli bags and some are very grandma-ish but they do make some very modern trendy bags too.
  15. Amazing! Love it...esp. those outside pockets.