I'm thinking of getting my Hermes scarf, a plisse...

  1. When I go back "home" (you can take the girl away from the east coast but you can't take the east coast out the girl), I am thinking that I may buy my first Hermes scarf. I'm think plisse because they look so pretty on everyone here, and they seem easier for the scarf challenged to tie. And, I will have a few months before I can actually wear it due to the extreme heaat here in the desert. Are there "classics" or do they make new designs every season and retire old ones? Do plisses look odd tied on bags?
  2. i LOVE plisse. it looks darn good no matter how/where you tie it. you'll love it! :yes:
  3. The plisses are so adorable and they don´t need to be tied in any special knots to look fab. Looks great in your hair also!
  4. Plisses are the best! I can even make one look good!! Also take a look at the poitu and mousseline PMs--also very doable for the scarf challenged!
  5. Oh, I never tried it on a bag but I can try it out when I get home and post a picture!
  6. You can't go wrong with a plisse... have fun trying them on and see what colors work for you.
  7. Hey luv2shophandbag

    The plisses are definitely easier to wear, but to me are a bit less versatile once you get into scarves. They are definitely easier to tie on bags.


    They are usually reissued patterns of older designs although you can find some current designs in plisse.
  8. There is a photo around somewhere of Anna Kournikova with a plisse tied - ah, just found it. I think it is a plisse....
  9. my scarves became so much easier to wear once I got the scarf horn. Now I coldn't wear a scarf without it. In fact, I'm thinking about getting a second just in case i misplace the one I have. I do have a plisse and it is lighter on the neck than a regular scarf and I sent several of my eBay scarf purchases off to get plissed in paris.
  10. Rocker:
    I'm exposing my ignorance of nonleather Hermes here...but what's a poitu? What's the difference in size between a mousseline PM and a larger? Is mousseline thin like plisse but not pleated?
  11. The pointu is a triangular shaped scarf and is made of twill. The mousseline is chiffon and there is a 35x35 (like a regular scarf) pm and a large gm (I think that is 52x52)...HTH!
  12. ^^Oh and only about 4 months ago, I had never worn an H scarf myself and had never heard of the above terms! :p
  13. Rocker, Fesdu, Nola, Rose, Gazoo, Loren & Quinn's Mom: Thanks for your help/suggestions! Especially the part about plisses looking good no matter what you do with them!
  14. Luv2shop, the plissé is not thiner than a carré, it is just a carre that is pleated.

    The mousseline is made of another kind of woven silk entirely, but the plissé, carré (regular scarf), pointu and most pouchettes are made of the same silk twill. Some pouchettes are mousseline also.

    BTW, there is also cotton! Maybe you will find something cotton to wear in your new hot desert home??

    I guess we can leave cashmere out of it for now, LOL
  15. luv2shophandbag...I am also in Arizona and I am looking forward to cooler weather so I can wear my scarves. I just started collecting them after a visit to NYC a few months ago. I don't have a plisse yet but I think they are gorgeous!