i'm thinking of getting a balenciaga

  1. Is this Bal Twiggy a good standard work bag? I have lots of colour bags (chloe lv etc) but i just realised i dont have a good work bag in black!

    Do you think this is the best price i will find? I dont mind 2nd hand ...

  2. That is an excellent price. Go for it!
  3. ok cool - i'm so nervous as this will be the most ive spent on one bag - my LV was $775, my Silverado $680 ... is the twiggy big enough to put all your day to day in though?
  4. It of course depends on what your Day to Day stuff consists of. I can carry a large overstuffed wallet, check book, make-up bag, cigarette case and lighter, pens, cell phone and more with room to spare. You could even fit a light sweater in it comfortably.
  5. wow~ i didnt know the twiggy was that roomy~ cos it looks kinda skinny in photos thats why i've never really considered it~ hm... something to think about :graucho:
  6. I used to have a twiggy and it fit all my daily stuff no problem. My only problem with it was that it was a handheld; the shoulder strap didn't work well for me. As a day bag I would take it shopping a lot and it was drive me nuts always holding it.
  7. Definitely go for it, it's beautiful! (And I'm not even a huge Twiggy fan!)
  8. see - i would want to use the strap - can you explain why it didnt work for you as a shoulder bag? It sounds great though - definately holds a lot! I'm teeeeeempted!
  9. EEEEEEEEEEEK! I just did it. I bought a black twiggy! I seriously cant believe i bought a Chloe Silverado and a Balenciaga twiggy in ONE WEEK! Oh my god, i feel a bit guilty. I am not going to be able to spend ANY money for the rest of the year. Thank god i already have most of the christmas presents sorted .... :wtf:

    please tell me this bag is great and i will love using it every day .... please:sweatdrop:
  10. Congrats! i use my Balenciagas now over my Chloes...They are just sitting in my closet in their dust covers..They are too heavy- BBags are incredible, lightweight and addictive!
    You will definitely want more:nuts::yes:
  11. chloebagfreak - we will both need to change our names then (mine is for marc jacobs) ... i figure my silverado will be good for those days when my outfit is plain and needs some jazzing up. My twiggy can be for other work days.
  12. Yes we definitely need to change our names. LOL! I almost got a Marc Jacobs, but I heard they are heavy and I don't need another heavy bag. Are they heavier than Chloe Paddingtons?
    I bet that you will love your BBag so much you will wear it with everthing you can, or like I did you'll get another and another and on a list for another 08:yahoo:
  13. Congrats on your first twiggy (first bbag?)! I have a twiggy too and it's soooo roomy. I can fit my long wallet, key pouch, lip balm, tissue, agenda, small water bottle and a light cardi in it with no problems, and even room to spare :biggrin:
  14. The Twiggy is a fabulous handbag and you did a great job with the price! Congratulations!

    They are deceptive in their size because they look smallish, but then they hold so very much. I often carry a rolled magazine in mine too!

    I wish you well,

  15. Diabro has the best price for a new one, as far as i have found. Its much under retail. I really want a black one too!!