I'm thinking of getting a baby coco cabas! help me choose a color!!!

  1. Hi! I'm kind of new the forum, but I really want to get a baby cabas! :nuts: So far I'm loving the khaki/bronze and white, i like the blue too but its most definitely sold out and unavailable anywhere huh. So between khaki and white! Do any of you girls have one and how much do you LOVE :love: it?!
  2. Lil,
    I go for the Bronze, and besides you can wear with a lot (as a neutral color) ..The white is gorgeous but you would have to worry about maintance...
  3. I love the khaki. It's so gorgeous. I would definitely go for that one. The white would definitely be high maintenance, and I'd be too paranoid about wearing it, to enjoy it.
  4. Oh , I love both colors, I used to love the white one the best, but that bronze is gorgeous, any color baby cabas would be gorgeous.
  5. Hi, I just got my black baby Cabas today!! Out of the 2 colors between Khaki & White, I'd choose the Khaki... it'd be a great neutral color that would go w/ everything. cOngrats.. how excited you must be~!
  6. definitely khaki...no fuss, no muss. good easy neutral color.
  7. YAY thanks so much girls!!! i guess im set with my decision! :heart: and oggie CONGRATS! we're in the club now :yahoo:!!! well im almost in!
  8. khaki.. post pictures when you get it :tup:
  9. khaki is very beautiful.. I just got one myself.... Better hurry since they are sold out pretty quick..!
  10. Between those two it's no contest - khaki/bronze. GL finding it!
  11. Hello Everyone! I am also new to this incredible site! Indeed, the small Coco Cabas is super gorgeouz! Does anybody know all the colors that were produced in this style? Thanks!:love:
  12. Definitely the khaki /bronze....white will be quite hard to maintain being a bigger bag.
  13. khaki is beautiful.
  14. Agreed:tup:
  15. I have the Khaki and I agree that it is very low-maintenance. I took it to Universal Studios the other day and went on a water ride. My Cabas got wet and I didn't freak out, like I would have with any other of my Chanels!