I'm thinking of cheating....

  1. ...on Balenciaga!

    Does anyone know how the Botkier Trigger bag compares to the Balenciaga motorcycle styles? Leather wise, I mean.

  2. I have a med. trigger and it is heavy. I was surprised at how heavy this bag is. The leather on mine is very nice - thick, matte and very squishy.
  3. Thats ok, I cheated on Chloe, big time, in fact I pretty much dumped her and sold most of my Chloes on ebay!
  4. I had and sold a Lilac trigger. It was cute but not enough to warrant keeping it when selling it meant more $$ toward my Bbag fund!

    The lilac's leather was pretty nice-- it had a gold sheen over the lilac which I liked. But I found it to be a little boxy for my taste-- it sort of stuck out when I wore it on my shoulder. But I know a lot of people who love it! If you like it, go for it!
  5. :wtf: --> :lecture:j/k lol
  6. I have a Botkier Trigger in white. Leather is very nice and heavy. That was my 1st designer bag... it's alot easier on the wallet!! :P