I'm thinking of cheating...

  1. Okay....so I am thinking of buying a comparable priced bag because I am just not love love loving the Koobas that are coming out.:shame:
    Nothing is making my heart melt like when I first saw the elisha, or pitter patter when I first bought my sienna, or saw the amazing pebbled purple leather on my raisin paige or even the fantastic ruching on my jackie....:sad:
    No new Koobas are doing it for me like that.:confused1: I don't even like the shades of new colors on the bags that I usually adore. I just don't think the colors are working with those styles (just my opinion btw...):push:
    Now that I vented all that... I think I am going to buy my first Hayden Harnett!?!I see the brand is quite reasonable and I am looking around this price range.
    I know some of you linger in that subforum, maybe even have one or two or more of this brand.
    Thoughts on the brand? As good as a Kooba? Is the leather as delicious? Quality good?
    What style do you like the best? I am not looking for a long strap (ie: devin), I like more of a shorter shoulder strap.
    I'm sorry to cheat in this subforum, but I'd appreciate your help and/or support if you too are slightly disappointed with Kooba.:crybaby:
  2. I like many of the bags in the upcoming new line, but the recent fall and resort lines left me wanting so I've been cheating on Kooba all over the place!

    I LOVE HH bags! I went absolutely nutty during their two most recent sales and bought numerous bags, several of which I've now sold because they just didn't work for me size-wise but I can't complain about the leather. The distressed lambskin is beautiful in texture and color.

    The only comment I'd make is that hands down Kooba leather (well, at least in previous older lines) is more substantial to me both in thickness and of course smell. The HH bags don't have much of a leather smell to them and they are thinner - at least the bags I've purchased. But the quality is good and the sale prices can't be beat. There is also the boon of the various accessories such as the luggage tags, key clips, etc.

    The Gaza hobo I have is a perfect 'everyday' kind of bag for me - comfortable carry, loads of pockets, etc. The Gaza satchel has even more organization....and I hope I love it as much as the hobo (it's on its way as we speak).

    Good luck on your HH search! ;)
  3. Thanks for the info!!
    Lately I hear crickets in the Kooba forum...
  4. I have a HH bag. I think they are well made for the price, provided they are on sale. I have the mercer satchel that I found on sale for $86, new! It is soft, hangs well but the leather is thinner than Kooba. The leather almost had a chemical smell to it, though. I would buy another mercer satchel- very handy design- but for no more than $150. I kind of feel that some Coach bags are a little more stylish than HH and have similar price points (runs and hides now!).

    But, yes, none of the new bags really wowed me. I am really liking Rebecca Minkoff though. She uses nice leathers, w/ classic lines that have some updated features.
  5. I really appreciate that great advice!! I was thinking of that exact style (there's a mercer on eBay for 249 and I was considering making an offer!!) Now I will def. be on the lookout for a better price (especially for my first).
    Coach is not a brand I dabble in anymore (sold ALL of my collection) so maybe I'll check out Rebecca Minkoff.
  6. I agree with the others in that the Kooba leather is sooo much nicer? is that the word?
    I have 6 HH bags and I probably wouldn't pay full price for one--but that just might be that they have such incredible sales it's hard to fork out that much. My favorite HH is probably my Thalia. I have a Nico on the way so that might change! RM is another just like Elizat said, that has great leathers and style plus she's a sweety and they are made in NYC! I have three now :p But we will always come back to Kooba! I've noticed Kooba gals seem to gravitate toward the same designers? HAs anyone else noticed that? Tano too. Can't forget them! Good luck and keep us posted!!! :graucho:
  7. Another good one is Gustto-I have the Baca in taupe and the Solba in tobacco and I love them both! The leather is way different that Koobas-much much softer. I might have to make a spring Kooba purchase though there are some nice ones coming out...there's hope yet!
  8. I agree as well. I bought 3 Koobas and haven't found anything that I really wanted to own. I just today got my first Rebecca Minkoff and have to say that I love it !!:love:

    I also bought a Hayden Harnett. They are having a huge sale on their website and some bags are 50% off.

    I hope Kooba comes up with some great new bags for the Fall !
  9. i agree, kooba is not doing it for me these days. i love old the old koobas!