I'm thinking of buying a Paddington

  1. Hi! :smile: I'm new to the Chloe forum. Recently I've been liking the paddington so much I was thinking of getting my own. I have a few questions I'd like to ask you girls:

    I very much like the Whisky, Taupe, and Chocolate. :love: Is the Chocolate still being made? Which color do you think would be more appropriate for fall/winter? Also, which store has the most extensive collection of Chloe bags? I live in NY so I'm thinking Saks or NM. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi there,
    Like you, I'm also planning to get my first Paddy, Chocolate is gorgeous..but I might be ordering the Rouge one instead cause the color looks so rich and beautiful..Depends if you have other chocolate bags? I have a Choc colored bag from Prada..so that's sorta my 'reason' for now LOL!
    Probably after the Rouge paddy, will be getting the Mastic..love these colors...think these are new colors for Fall

    Have fun and post pic of ur Paddy-to-be! :P
  3. Well, I have a lot of brown bags so I was thinking of getting another color too... I like whiskey but I wonder if it's a good color for fall/winter. Do you have a picture of the Mastic color? I'd really like to see it! Thanks so much for responding!
  4. [​IMG]
    Hello, you're welcome!
    This is the color, I actually got this off someone's thread here under"so many colors, argh" :P

    I kinda liked Whiskey too...but I think I may go for the rouge cause its soo beautiful ...I think Aloharag is taking orders for these colors by September..ALSO, I have a lot of black/ brown/ cream bags BUT no red! I only have a purple leather one from Prada and an orange Chanel (given by my mom) the rest are mostly NEUTRALS! hehe

    Can't wait to see pics of ur new purse!

  5. ^ Thank you for the pic! I agree with you about the neutrals. I will definitely share pics of whichever one I get and I can't wait to see pics of your paddy as well! :yes:
  6. cant wait!!
  7. I am loving my Taupe so much more than I ever thought I would, so can definitely recommend that one. But any of your choices are going to be lovely. The Whiskey is gorgeous, and so is the tan and chocolate :biggrin:, we are not helping narrow it down much are we ;)

    hope you get your first paddy soon :smile:
  8. Hmmmmm...well, Taupe goes with everything. Chloe, hands down, makes the best color of chocolate. But...you'll never find a bag with the same color as Chloe's whiskey!!!

    If you are going for subtle classy chic I'd go with Taupe. If you are going for decadent richness that screams expensive I'd go chocolate....and if you are for a bag that "pops" against any outfit and gets a lot of stares than go whiskey!

    I'm of no help! Get all three!!!!
  9. hi! i'm also looking for a paddy.
    recently i'm drawn to the pumpkin orange :P
    my other option is classic black
  10. My fave is the original British tan - but if I couldn't find that, then I'd go w/the taupe for sure. Such a stunning color.
  11. Rouge or Mastic?
    Rouge or Mastic?
  12. Who has taupe and rouge paddy's? I have been looking for these two colors.
  13. Im planning to order Rouge or MAstic..hehe
    what color shoes do you wear with Rouge though????
    Do you gals use your Paddys to work? (I work in a boring office :sad:) hehe
  14. minami yes I use my paddy at work :nuts: and I'm in a boring office environment too.
  15. I have to vote for rouge :smile:

    I carefully carry mine everywhere!!