I'm thinking of a Constance...

  1. okay I am giving in.

    As you guys might remember that I was searching for a clutch evening bag but I couldn't pull the trigger.....

    so seeing pics and thinking about it...the Constance....might just be perfect....evening...or can be casual during the day.

    functual but chic.

    What can I expect? share your photos!

    how much are these about? people that know me...tell me about a good size for me?

    what do ya think? good solution!
  2. GG - Constance is an iconic bag that just speaks H. You will look fab with her. IMHO, 23cm is the perfect size - holds just enough and can easily do day to evening looks. If you are thinkng of croc, you should also try 18cm. In terms of price, it is around the same as a kelly.

    Here's mine.


    constance 1.JPG
  3. yours is so lovely! thank you.

    do you mean the price of a normal leather is the price of a kelly...or a croc constance is like a normal kelly? thanks so much!

  4. I have not checked the price of croc constance, but I do remember that the price of normal leather is similar to the price of a kelly. Pazt just bought one recently, so she should be able to confirm the current pricing.
  5. What a beautiful Constance!:girlsigh:
  6. I love the Constance. Its simple yet it has some bling. It can really make an outfit pop with that shiny H. I havent had a chance to take any more action pics but here it is with simple dark jeans and black top. I prefer the 23cm. The strap is adjustable. It works like a Chanel flap where you can double the strap or use it single strap. I'd LOVE a rouge H one too. The price is pretty steep for this little bag but I hear its a difficult bag to make and takes many hours.

    Retail black box is about $6100 (before increase)
    Resale value, you can pick one up in decent condition for about $2,000
  7. wow. 6k thud.

    okay looking for good vintage constance! woohoo!
  8. Luxury-Shops has one :graucho:
  9. Ok, here's mine and oh yes, love it. I don't know the sizes, but it is the thin width and perfect for evening. 1992-------> proud to say, original owner :yes:
  10. ^ Beautiful bag, Encore. What colour is she? It looks beige on my screen. Very very elegant. I am a second generation owner of mine. That little rouge H box constance is from my most adorable grandma and I love both the woman and her bag. I carried that the constance for nearly 6+years before I bought myself a second H bag.

    Luccibag - Your black one constance has such lovely patina and she looks great on you.
  11. Thank you licensetocook. I keep coming back to admire your rouge H Constance! Its so nice that she belonged to your grandmother. It makes it that much more special!
  12. Thank you so much licencetocook! Thank you for the compliment! I think it is Gold? (from the reference thread). I love your Constance from your grandmother:heart: She is beautiful!
  13. luccibag your bag is so beautiful, I love the Boxcalf with GH!!!
  14. EH-oh my gosh....wow
  15. Thanks Encore Hermes, your gorgeous ostrich is just too beautiful for words!!! :heart: I could only dream!