I'm thinking about ordering a Paddy from the Chloe boutique...

  1. how much should they be charging me? This is for a non-metallic anthracite - regular Paddy. Does $1540 sound right to you? Thanks!
  2. Not to answer my own question...but I see Net-A-Porter charges the same prices...but Aloha Rag is less - $1398. Any thoughts?
  3. $1540 is the going rate for non-metallic paddingtons. That's a big jump from its introductory price of $1370 last year!
  4. Thanks! I'm going to hold off - heading to my local Nordstroms to see if they have any there - just to see it! The only Chloe I have is a whiskey Edith...which I love so much! However...I'm just really wanting a Paddington...so I can wear it on my shoulder!:girlsigh:
  5. aloharag is slightly cheaper. I'm not sure why. I got a bag from them and its super cute!

    and they don't charge tax unless u are in HI and shipping is free.

    but if you choose to return its a $50 fee. :smile:
  6. Bisbee, which Nordstrom is closest to you? I can check out the Seattle Nordie's for you if you like, they had lots. I just got my blue clair there about two weeks ago. Pm me and tell me what you are looking for.
  7. What is the blue clair?