I'm thinking about getting a Gryson Josey, thoughts?

  1. Hey!

    I love Gryson and am thinking about investing in another. I had seen this bag in Lucky and I'm thinking about going for it. What are your thoughts?

  2. I like it, I love green bags. Handy being able to change/adjust the strap length too! I'm not familiar with the brand but if you love their other bags I'd say go for it!
  3. Gryson makes great bags. I have not seen this particular style, but those I have seen (including the one I bought and returned) are a bit heavy for my taste. I'm pickier than most about the weight of my bags, but I still think it's something to watch out for.
  4. I think the bag is gorgeous. Love the two strap option. A nice different take on a shoulder bag. Very stylish. And of course, the quality will be great. But do you have to pay full price? Is there a code that gives you a discount? Or wait for a sale? I just bought a Gryson Zoe hobo...and at $619 (reduced from 825), it still seemed a bit steep...
  5. I have seen this bag and it's sister style in red at Nordstom - and they were on sale - don't remember the price, sorry. I picked up the bag and was surprised at how heavy it was - and it was the smaller satchel that I picked up! The leather was nice, a bit stiffer bag than I like - but I also noticed that it's the type of leather that scratches easily. Hope this helps.
  6. I have the Josey in tan - I got it at bagshop.com for significantly less (they don't have the green, but they do have a few other colors). It's a great bag. Ah, that lovely leather smell! Every time I open it I get a nice whiff. I spent most of Thursday and Friday flying to and from Seattle for work, and I took this bag with me as my purse/briefcase. It did get a little heavy when loaded with some work stuff, 2 magazines, a book, a bottle of water, and my usual purse stuff, but not too bad. The longer strap works well, converting it to a messenger when your hands are full. My only complaint is that the slide strap, while easier to open and close than it looks, isn't as easy as a zipper or snap close. It's not difficult to operate - it just takes two hands to close (opening it is much easier). I also have a tendency not to even bother closing my bags, but with this one, the top just sort of gapes open when it's not closed (if that makes sense). I agree, the leather does tend to show some scratches/scrapes easily, but I think it will age nicely and that over time, that will add character to the bag. Oh, my other complaint is that it doesn't work well as a "briefcase" because it is so unstructured (my work papers tended to bend and slide toward the bottom) but it's great as a larger purse.
  7. That green is really nice! If you like the bag, go for it!
  8. Thanks for all of your opinions! I'm going to sleep on it and see. I have a coupon code for 15% (Rare15) off on Rarechic so I might just use that to make the price a little more affordable.
  9. I love the bag. KLG, you listed stuff that you put in it--do you mean that you put work files, in addition to the mags, water bottle, etc. in it? I ask bc I, too, am wondering about how well it will work as a briefcase.
  10. I love that bag. Love. Especially in that color.
  11. You have gotten me interested in this bag...! Especially the green color which I ADORE. I think it is very, very big though -- at 16 inches... I am going to look at this one: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?cmCat=search&itemId=prod38060143
    Let me know if you buy your Josey, because I want to hear all about it. I did buy a Gryson Zoe hobo in black(discontinued) and it is big, but slouchy and chic. So, I don't want another big hobo. But do tell us what you decide!
  12. In addition to all of that stuff, I had a manilla-type folder with a sheaf of work papers. The edges of the folder and the papers got a little bent as the day/flights went on, but not too badly. I've put a large leather portfolio in the bag before as well; the portfolio didn't fit as well as the manilla folder because it was about as wide as the bag. It still worked, but it was harder to close and probably wouldn't have fit much else (other than my wallet, small makeup bag, sunglasses, etc). Legal-sized folders/papers wouldn't fit, I don't think.
  13. Thanks for the info.