I'm thinking about changing my hair color once again. ARGH WHY!!

  1. Okay, so once again I'm thinking about changing my hair color. I swear, I really need to stop. I change my hair more than I change my underwear. Okay, maybe not...that's a lie. But I'm still contemplating dying it lighter. I LOVE the color it is now but I'm not sure if it's too dark for me? I just love not having roots, and I know if I dye it the color I want, I'll have roots. Here is the color I'm thinking about:


    I think it's soooo pretty and it may compliment my pale complexion better, but I KNOW I'll have roots and I'm really enjoying not having them. My natural color is a shade or two lighter than THIS:


    Can you tell I hate having pictures taken of me? HAHAHA!!! It's the only one I could find that shows my hair color well.


    Here's another one to show the darkness of it.

    What do you girls think I should do? I made an appointment already and chickened out. I just don't know what to do!
  2. i love mandy moore's color. the roots shouldn't be that bad? aren't dark roots "in"?!
  3. ^^^I think they are in, but I don't like the way they look!
  4. i know what you mean! but w/ your creamy skin and pale eyes that auburn-y color may just work.
  5. i like you with dark hair. tis the season i guess? I am a fan of chocolatey hair in the winter. my hair is pretty close to mandy moore's color there and i like it in the summer but right now my hair is a french roast color.

    just my weird opinion!
  6. Those are both gorgeous colors! I dont think your current color is too dark. It is dark but its a pretty contrast. If you go with Mandys hair color, the roots shouldnt be that bad. And as someone mentioned, roots are "in" right now!
  7. You're pretty as you are...but I also like Mandy Moore's hair color as well.
  8. I say you keep the dark color for the winter, then as soon as spring comes you lighten it. I am a fan of dark hair during the winter..your hair color is such a pretty, rich color right now! :yes:
  9. Your dark color is beautiful. Have you thought of doing light carmel highlights or something that your colorist can suggest to see if you like a lighter color. I mean you can do highlights 1-3 times to get the feel of a lighter color and if you love it then go for it. I find doing such a drastic color does not always turn out to be what we want.
    I just went darker a few months ago from always having a "Sharon Stone light blond pixie cut" . I liked the brown color alot but everyone else seemed to hate it on me. Hubby wanted me to get highlights again. Sis and SIL convinced me to go blond. So I am back to blond highlights and light brown lowlights, it will probably take 2-3 more times before the color is perfect because it was hard to go blond over dark brown. But it works for me and I guess I will be sticking with blond since it goes better with my fair skin and blue eyes. But then again if you love the color and have no fear (like me) when it comes to color I also will say jump in and do it.
    Best advice is sit with a colorist and talk about your options before you decide--she may be able to show you color swatches and you can find what will work best for you.
    Good luck.

  10. Good advice! I actually went from blonde to brunette so I know how it is to have such a drastic change!!! I'm naturally brunette though, so I knew what the end product would look like. Here's me as a blonde:


    I liked it, but the growth was too much to handle. You can see my natural color underneath there, because I could only afford a partial. It just wasn't working for me after a while and I got tired of it, plus the blonde was extremely damaging.

    I actually work at a hair salon so I bug my girlfriends about this crap all day. They say I could basically pull off any color if I wanted to, but I'm always iffy about changing things up. You know how it is!!!
  11. Lauren!!! I havent seen you around!!!

    Anyway, I like the dark on you, I think it looks good. But I also think the reddish color would look good too. But, the growth will be a problem, it would be pretty noticeable. Maybe just do some highlights that color? I did burgundy highlights and it seemed to lighten up my hair a lot.
  12. I love constrast between skin and hair, and your color now compliments your skin and eyes so well. Stay darker for the winter and in spring go for the "moore" to lighten things up a bit. You're very pretty, btw:yes:
  13. I kind of think that color Mandy's hair is would be nice. I think it would go w/ your coloring. I LOVE her hair color- not too dark, w/ pretty flashes of auburn.

    Off topic- I'm jealous of your coloring- you can wear multiple shades- I love dark hair, but I am a natural blond and went dark once, and it looked horrid!
  14. I think you look great with dark hair! I'm also really liking Mandy Moore's hair, so as another poster suggested maybe try that in the Spring?
  15. I love Mandy's shade! I've been looking for Debra Messing or Kate Walsh's color forever!

    I can tell you from experience, reds are the absolute HARDEST to keep in your hair. I am a natural redhead, but for a couple of years, I went to a stylist who loved me as a blond. I had lots of blond highlights, which were great. But when I decided to go back to red, I had the hardest time finding a color that would work for me! When I finally found a couple I liked, it would wash out and just look drab and dead within 2 weeks. I finally have resigned myself to coloring my own hair (mom is a fantastic hairdresser, so I wait til she visits to change colors), and putting the color on for 15 minutes with 10 volume peroxide about every 12-18 days. It's a pain in the butt, but I don't like being blond anymore, and washed out red is even worse! It's easy for brunettes to go lighter/redder, but when you're taking natural or bleached blond to red, it's incredibly hard to keep the color.

    Just something to think about that your salon probably won't tell you...