I'm thinking about buying the Speedy 25, have questions

  1. Ok well I'm saving to buy my first LV bag. I know LV bags are very well made bags. As i'm saving money I have also been doing my homework (a little) about LV but what I can't seem to find anywhere is how do they compare to other less expensive leather bags? Such as Coach and Dooney?
    I own coach, dooney and gucci bags I only take my dooney and coach bags to school. I have accidently gotten ink on my dooney it bags but it usually comes out easily. Should I expect the same thing from the Speedy?
    Thanks for your help! I'm really excited about my first LV!!!:yahoo:
  2. I dont think ink will come out of any bag easily.

    However, the canvas on the speedy's is very tough.

    I have spilt water in my lvs, kicked them, thrown them...I'm not good to my bags.
    But they are holding up better than my Balenciaga, Chanel's and Gucci's.

    I'd say louis vuitton bags, monogram, damier, epi hold up the best and are a great investment.
    Plus the canvas speedy's are only like $540 right? for the 25?
    Good price for such a good bag.
  3. Don't think you save much money buying Dooney or Coach. Many leather bags are nearly the same price as the speedy. Although the monogram speedy isn't leather you get the icon of handbags, the bag wears well and looks good old. Epi doesn't hold value as well as mono. Monogram speedys sell for 40 to 80% retail on eBay. Coaches and Dooneys, not so much.

    Mono speedy is really lightweight and looks great filled to the brim. Most bags look awful when overfilled. The canvas is sturdy and usually gets wear at the corners over ten years or so. [Buy one, you need a speedy!]
  4. The speedy is an awesome bag. I don't baby my mono and it looks great! I think it's one of the most durable bags out there.
  5. As can be seen by my member name, Dooney has been one of my favorite designer bags and I have only just begun to learn about Louis Vuitton. I own a great many Dooney bags and I must say that the treated canvas Dooney bag feels much the same as the Mono canvas LV. (My first LV purchase was the Mono Speedy 25.) Dooney also uses untreated leather that tans with time, and I know that it is very similar to LV because Dooney was actually sued by LV for coming a little too close to their design concept. That being said, I guess only you can decide if LV is worth it. Good luck in your decision!
  6. I had a large Dooney collection, a Coach and a Gucci. After I bought my first LV mono piece I gave my Dooneys to a good friend. The LVs are just as durable as the AWL Dooney but they are light as a feather in comparison and never show their age. I have LV luggage that is 5 years old and has been to Europe and back several times. It still looks BRAND NEW. I have Mono, Damier, and Epi handbags...all brand new and a delight to carry. I even walked into some wet paint (latex) with my Epi and it came off perfectly. But the kicker for me is that the LV's appreciate in value...like a Rolex. My Dooneys or Coach didn't. You can't lose. Buy LV!
  7. One more thought, if this is a big investment for you. Really try it out at the store and be sure you buy the right size. I've made the mistake of paying a lot for a handbag that ended up too small, so really check it out first, you're going to have it for a long time.
  8. I have a number of Fendi bags, and now that I have become an LV convert, I can't begin to tell you how much better LVs are made than any other bag I own.
    The quality of the materials, the workmanship, etc. I can now understand why they say an LV bag will last a lifetime (or decades at the bare minimum).
    As you've researched, the only "issue" is that w/ the vanchetta and the fact that it is untreated and will stain. Some people don't care, others are totally neurotic about it (as I am) but it is totally worth it with a little extra tlc.
    The speedy 25 is SUCH a great bag, goes everywhere you need it to, holds a bundle, and for the price a great value. Had I known this earlier, I would've become an LV convert long ago!
  9. The speedy is a great everyday bag. The quality and durabilty of LV's purses are unparalleled. Definitely not in the same league as Coach or D&B (just my opinion).
  10. you really cannot compare lvs to dooneys and coach.
  11. ^^^ Agreed!!^^^
  12. For me speedy 30 is much comfortable and usefull.
  13. The speedy is a classic...however, I agree with aze...I have both the speedy 25 and the 30 and the 30 is perfect for me...great everyday bag...Good luck with your bag search...
  14. I have a mono speedy 25. I tried out the 30, but it was a little too big for me. See, if I have room in my purse, I will fill it with something. And then I end up carrying around all this stuff I dont need. The speedy 25 seemed like a better match for me, even though I think now I like the look of the 30 more.

    But speedys are so durable and a GREAT choice for your first LV bag!!! :heart:
  15. I personally prefer the 30... 25 is too small for me. For reference, I'm 5'6", average weight, and carry a TON of crap....