I'm thinking about a Patchwork Stam - thoughts?

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  1. Hello,
    I'm usually on the Miu Miu board... but thought I'd stop by for some MJ advice. I am thinking about a patchwork Stam in either Ivory or Cherry. What are your thoughts?

    Are the Stams going to be over soon, it's been a while. I have a black quited one from a couple of years back which I still love although it is REALLY heavy. I think the patchwork one feels slightly lighter.

    I thought the Ivory would be pretty with everything? I have seen a Coconut color listed, is this a white instead of Ivory?
  2. Welcome to MJ World!!

    I have a PW Stam and absolutely love it. You are right -- the PW stam is lighter than the quilted ones. Newer stams in general are lighter because they're using lighter weight linings, but the PW leather is lighter because it has an "airiness" to it. The PW Stam also has a different kind of look that the quilted version. The sides of the PW stam are made of soft calf leather, so it has a little bit of a slouchiness to it.

    My PW Stam is in the Slate color, which is sorta like a blue-ish grey and I think it looks great (i've attached a pic). Personally I like the lighter colored PW bags than the darker ones. I've seen pics of the Ivory and it's gorgeous!! Cherry Tart is also a favorite of MANY PFers!!

    As far as the stam going out -- I don't see that happening. It's one of MJs most popular styles (if not THE most popular) and I can't imagine them disappearing anytime soon. It's got such a classic look to it -- with the kisslock & chain strap. It's the type of style that withstands time & would look just as great 10 years from now and it would have 10 yrs ago!!!

    (MJ's also coming out with a soft calf version of the stam for the F/W season!!)

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  3. I own a eggshell colored one which is I think similar to ivory. The patchwork is indeed very pretty. About the weight: I weighted it today and it was 1050g without the chain and the filling and the chain would come with another additional 340g. Hope that helps. I attached a picture for reference, but you can find more pictures of it in my thread:
    Beautyful Stam arrival! Ivory is here! Almond on its way!

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  4. There is a really nice one in blush, a sort of pinky neutral, and one in peanut, a more tan neutral, both on *bay should you be interested? They are an in between so not as high maintenance as ivory but still a nice light neutral for spring/summer. I have never had either but have always preferred the look of the PW more.
  5. OMG - that peanut one is gorgeous!
  6. I love the PW stam, esp in the Cherrytart color! Good luck deciding!
  7. go for it! i have a chocolate p/t stam and receive so many compliments! i think ivory would be gorgeous but i would be scared about getting it dirty! post pix once you decide ;)
  8. fettfleck -- that Ivory stam is so gorgeous, I can't wait to see your Almond one! do you know when it's supposed to arrive?
  9. <<<just bought my first PW stam....i'm excited it's in peanut, i'll post reference pics!
  10. It already arrived. I have post some pics in my thread about the ivory one (I think it is on page 3). But maybe I can add some comparison pics... :smile:
  11. I love the PW Stam!!:heart:
  12. If you ever watch old movies, you'll see ladies carrying a version of the Stam, which says to me this is a classic style and will be 'in' forever.

    I have a patchwork black and it's mushy and lovely and not too heavy. Go for it!
  13. :tup::heart:
  14. i'm "in talks" to get a patchwork bag myself. details to follow. :graucho:

    so, yeah, my thoughts on this style is that you should get it!