im thinkin...

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  1. I like the sandals. Not too crazy about the sneakers.
  2. I like the sandals too. I saw someone try on the sneakers the other day and they are very cute with a pair of jeans. I wasn't sure about them, but they are very cute on. The sandals are adorable. I don't think you can go wrong there.
  3. The sneakers are cute but I'd have the filthy in no time! I like the sandals best. Very cute!
  4. I like the sandals too, I can't wear that style shoe because they make my feet look HUGE!
  5. LOL thats what i was thinking but then i thought, i dont' really care if they have those purty C's on em do i? i almost never wear shorts so i was thinking i could MAYBE pull them off... i'm a total geek for DC skate shoes (dont' ask me why, i have no idea) so i'd be straying FAR from what i wear lol... the sandals are just hot.
  6. love the sandals

    the sneakers i feel would make me feel to 'young' and i am trying to get that whole grown up thing going on (ie no short shorts or skirts after june because aug=start med school so i need to do some growing up and i want my clothes and accessories to reflect that)
  7. yay for the sandals.

    nay on the sneakers...something about them just seems off in the scribble.
  8. The sandals are darling!
  9. Ehh.. there not really me. I mean I like cute whimsical things, but not like this. But then again I'm not fond of this kind of shape in shoes. I love the sportier, slimmer ones more.
  10. The sandals are cute, but the sneakers would be too much for me. Although, I'm much more inclined to wear black pumps.
  11. Not my style but I think they are both cute.

    My daughter wants the sneakers... she's 10 so I gotta think about that one. That fabric will dirty easily.
  12. Sneakers make my feet look gargantuan.
    But those sandals are pretty cute.
  13. I have to agree - I LOVE the sandals - they are on my wish list!

    Go for it... and get the macthing ponytail scarf too! :yes:
  14. The flip flops are on my Coach wish list.
    I would be so afraid of getting the sneaks dirty!

    But, I LOVE both!:yes: