I'm the only one that prefer the Patchwork?

  1. Hi ladies!!
    I've been waiting for the Quilted Bay since november.....and now after seeing the bay and the patchwork i think i prefer the second one......
    The leather is so soft....like butter.....
    What do you think???
  2. Well, there was a recent thread, and I was one of the few (even that may be an overstatement) who liked it a lot. Not sure I prefer it to the Bay, but I like it enough to have one. Still, you're in good company. At least 2 of the Chloe SA's in NYC are in love with the patchwork as their must have fall bag.
  3. i like the bigger tote in moka. it looks sooo yummy in their look book
  4. Neither bag is really screaming out to me (tho I think they are lovely) but I prefer the patchwork tote. The leather is so gorgeous on that bag!:heart:
  5. If it were like $600 I would like it, LOL

    But it seems very pricey for not much style :shrugs:

  6. The tote is beautiful, but of course too expensive. My "justification" for recent buys is that I have seen the runway photos for fall, and I'm buying while Chloe is still . . . Chloe-like.
  7. My mum always used to say that patchwork bags, like these, are made from off-cuts, so should be cheaper! :biggrin:
  8. Good point!! :yes:


  9. Thanks! :biggrin:
  10. I started a thread about the Patchwork about a week ago so you might want to see some of the replies on it :confused1: Seems to be mixed feelings..........

    I really like the Patchwork and am hoping to see one IRL soon so I can decide once and for all if I will buy it :yes:

    But of teh two you mention in your original post, I much prefer the Bay - it is my fav bag this season by far (and I have three of them now :sweatdrop: :push: )
  11. i like it, but i dont think i will buy it now, maybe later when its already on sale
  12. Maybe it's too early to judge, given that we aren't the "normal" handbag shopping audience (you know what I mean), but it seems there will be some sale opportunities later for Bay bags and other spring/summer Chloe. Everywhere I went today the shelves were filled with regular Bay bags of every variety, as well as Evas, Patchwork, etc., and they remain available on-line. Surprisingly, NAP hasn't sold out the black quilted Bay. But then maybe they got tons of them. I wish I could learn to wait and take my chances, but I think it's too late for me.

  13. I've seen this bag 2 or 3x IRL. It is a GORGEOUS bag in person, the leather is SO soft, and it just FEELS lux.

    However, I can't shake the feeling I'va already had this bag - when my Dad bought me an almost identical bag as a backpack when I was in highschool years ago. Really, the similarities would scare ya.

    That said, if this bag ever goes on sale I might have to reconsider :graucho:
  14. Lol!! ^^^ Ita!!!