I'm the new guy!

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  1. Hmmm... where to start. I'm in my senior year of high school, and my love affair with Louis Vuitton began---oh lets say freshman year :amuse: . I started off with a yellow Epi leather snapped wallet. For my birthday this year I FINIALLY got a Keepall 55, for Christmas I got a white Suhali Key/Change purse, and for the new year (not only for high school, but college too!:biggrin: ) I bougt myself a brand-spankin-new Abbesses messenger! When I got it home, I just had to stare at it for a while, it's gorgeous!! I've attached pictures of my babies :P. I also got my hands on the Multicolor VIP Playing Cards set, but I'm afraid to play with them!! Anyways, nice to meet everyone, and hope you like my bags!!
    DSC02518.jpg DSC03852.jpg DSC03956.jpg DSC04002.jpg DSC04007.jpg
  2. Nice collection, especially for a youngen! :P Love the messenger :biggrin:
  3. Wow, starting a collection with LV ... not bad ... lol .... great collection!
  4. Gotta love it. The Coach Microsignature Transatlantic Carry-On in Khaki. ;)
  5. Nice bags!!!
  6. Here are the VIP Multicolor playing cards I was speaking of :amuse: (still all wrapped up in cellophane!)
    DSC04031.jpg DSC04033.jpg
  7. Very nice LV collection; love the playing cards...
  8. very nice!
  9. Great Collection! My best friend has your messenger bag, it's a great bag! I wish I had asked my SA for those cards! I love them! Tell us the story with them, I am intrigued!:nuts:
  10. Well, one of my aunts is a huge, crazed, Louis Vuitton shopper. She lives on the upper east side of Manhattan, and I go visit her from time to time (she's only about 45 minutes away from me). A while ago, she was doing some major shopping at the Vuitton store at 57th and 5th. If I remember correctly, she dropped over $17,000 that day, mostly on luggage (for her, she bought monogram canvas, for her husband, she bought Taïga goods), but she also bought a Suhali L'Extavagant in Black (drop DEAD gorgeous). Her SA then sent her a card thanking her for her business, and with it, came these cards! She later gave them to me, unopened. ^_^

    P.S.- All of my items are Authentic (duhh!), and we're purchased on an 18 year-old's salary. ^_~
  11. The cards are adorable, and that's quite a collection which was purchased by an 18 year old's own earnings ! Love it !
  12. Wow... you should our men's role model! :lol: Love your collection.
  13. nice collection! can you train my boyfriend to be appreciate Louis Vuitton? ;P
  14. Cute bags :biggrin: Nice to see more guys like Vlad that appreciate bags!
  15. Wow, I love your collection :love: