I'm that drunken friend..you know, the one who is like "no really, i LOVE u man!"



    No, I am not REALLY drunk..just had a couple of beers after work with my guy! Our son is at Grandma's and Grandpa's so we're having a "date." :graucho:

    Anyway, I was reading about a fellow member's recent obsession with the Groom Line and it made me think that WOW! I totally understand! We are all addicted to the same drug named Louis Vuitton.

    I think nothing is bad about it at all and I am just glad that I have this little haven that is full of amazing opportunities in learning about LV and seeing LV and buying LV. :yahoo:

    The best part is that we are all REAL PEOPLE who can turn this little fun thing into a real appreciation for eachother! I love knowing that I can always count on John to help me authenticate items and to be jealous of my myrtile cles :p

    I love that no matter what thread I start, you can guarentee that pinkiwhatever can be counted on for a response..and I REALLY appreciate Label addict trying to help me get a miroir pochette! I ADORE Elle for making me want to buy that first cles and have a collection as amazing as hers!

    I know there are more stories of great members helping me but the main point is that I LOVE YOU GUYS! And although I won't make the Minneapolis meet, I promise I will meet all my Minnesota LV lovers sooo soon! We need an amazing summer night out in the cities..I so want to check out gameworks in downtown Minneapolis!

    Alright...time to go have some more fun with my guy! I only came on to see about elux having my pomme agenda. Still nothing!:cursing:

    Just found out he's taking me to a bar to get a drink..never been to a bar before!!!! I also took advantage of our intoxicated moment to make him promise to buy me a White MC speedy for my birthday (May 26'th)...That is the bag that introduced me to LV (yes, the "Jessica Simpson bag.":p ) SO yay for that!

    I'm sure i'll make another drunk message before bed! Good luck on those late-night elux hunts! :flowers:

    Night everyone! Thanks for reading! :flowers:
  2. haha nice post!:roflmfao:
    seems like you had a good time haa
    i really need some beers too
    im stuck in my house :crybaby:
  3. Awww. How sweet and happy early bday. I'm the drunken friend that laughs a lot and makes tons fo jokes. Hehe.
  4. i'm the friend who takes all those drunken "evidence" pictures... muahahah. we love you too lady :heart:
  5. :choochoo:Angela, you need a Pomme d'Amour agenda to go with the blush from all the beer you consumed. Yay! I hope your guy buys you that MC Speedy so we can all celebrate your birthday in May. Good night.:sleepy:
  6. Oh, so nice of you to be able to have a drunken date night with your man. Enjoy the time awayfrom the little one!!!! Hope your hubby remembers the promise to get your bag!
  7. Awwww, I know how you feel about our little community....:tender: :love: btw, I'm looking every night on elux for you! That pomme agenda will be yours! If I see it...I'll let you know. :yes:
  8. You'll be with us in spirit. :heart:
  9. Hahaha, me too! Sometimes the jokes aren't very appropriate though...:shame:

    Very cute post Ethan's Mommy! :heart::drinkup:
  10. Awww...nice post Ethan's Mommy!! Hope you will get the pomme agenda from elux ;) :heart:
  11. that's a funny story!
  12. We LoVe you too!!! Happy Early Birthday!!
  13. you are very funny...enjoyed reading this post. good luck on the pomme agenda and white mc speedy.
  14. Drunken posting- a new epidemic!
    Ha, ha, you were very sweet in your post. Hope you don't have a headache today!
  15. lovely post.