Im taking the plunge...

  1. ..into UGG world! As much as I try to fight it, I really want a pair of UGG's! Im not the biggest fan of the way they look, but the comfort and warmth is eating away at me lol. So, before I order do the sizes run? I usually wear a 9.5 on the dot, 10's are too big and 9's are too small.
    Sooo, my question is: What size do you think I should get??:shrugs:

  2. It depends what style you are after.

    I'm 9-9.5 and I wear 8 in the classics, I've been told the other styles run more TTS and I'd need 9 in those.
  3. wait, im a little said 10s are too big and 9s are too you mean in shoes in general or you tried on uggs and that was the problem? Because if you mean shoes in general, I would order the 9...because im usually a 7 and I wear a 6 in the tall classics... hope this helps!!
  4. Yea, shoes in general..sorry if I confused you!

    Thanks though! I think Im going to order the 9.
    Thanks for the help you two!:tup:
  5. Yeah I usually wear an 8.5 and I got a 7 in uggs... they've stretched slightly, too.
  6. I agree with nauticalstar and you should get a 7 too. they strech out at leats one size. I wear 6.5-7 on regular shoes and I am 5 uggs size and they fit just fine.
  7. I am a size 8 and i have a size 7 (which fits a bit loose now, but is still comfortable) and i just bought a size 6 which fits me very well, its snug, which is how it should be.