I'm taking my cat to be spayed - How goes it?

  1. My cat Muffin has an appt to be spayed next week. I don't know anything about the procedure and the recovery period after. Does anyone have any experience/advice?

    - Will she be in much pain? :s

    - How long will it take for her to be up and frisky again?

    - Does the surgery area need to be cleaned daily to avoid infection?

    - Will it change her personality at all?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I have had my 3 kitties spayed (2 boy Siamese & 1 girl - persian) All 3 were done at different times and all 3 were fine within a day. They were not showing any signs of pain or discomfort, :tender: nor were there any cleaning responsibilities. It has been almost 3 years since the last one was done and I can not remember if they stayed overnight or not, but I know I had her declawed at the same time and she was just a spunky and sweet as before.:yes:
  3. Thank you Robyn. I am relieved to know that she won't be suffering. Right now she is "eating" her paws (thorough cleaning). My poor girl, I really wish she didn't have to have surgery, but I guess it is for the best.

    Recently she has been licking her bottom area a lot, I wonder if this is a sign that she is ready to be spayed? I feel like she is just a kitten still, but the nurses at her vet say that she is ready...
  4. Just 2 weeks ago we had little Diva spayed and declawed. She spent one night at the Vets but that was because they wanted to watch her paws for bleeding. She came home acting like not a thing happened. I had to keep her from play wrestling with the dogs and other cats. She had 6 stitches and she never touched them. Sunday night I took them out myself with a tiny pair of scissors form a suturing kit. Snip Pull snip pull and it was done in a minute. I've been through it so many times I'd rather do it and not take them to the Vets if it isn't necessary.
    You'll have to watch the incision line for redness or swelling. She did have a couple of days of not a good appetite when she came home. It's usually a piece of cake. Wish you and Kitty well!
  5. As long as your cat isn't a frequent licker she'll be fine. Our kitty was spayed when she was about 4 months old and had to wear a plastic cone around her head to keep from licking the stitches. The cone came off in about a week.
  6. Amy (as seen in my avatar) was just spayed on Jan. 15th and had her stitches out 2 weeks later. The vet wanted me to keep her as quiet as possible and no jumping. But she is a very active girl and that was close to impossible. I was always telling her no and trying to stop her...it didn't work. She was jumping on and off of beds, bathroom counters and running. To compound the situation I had just adopted her from the Humane Society 3 days before that so I really had no idea what she was like. I picked her up later that day and she did very well with no pain meds needed. However, she was pulling on her stitches every now and then so I ran to Petsmart and got a collar. It was not needed as she pretty much left them alone later at night. Everything went well and she recovered just fine. I'm betting Muffin will too!
  7. I have had 2 cats spayed. They were lethargic for about a day or so, and after that they were back to their old selves. Don't worry, it won't change your kitty's personality! I did not touch her during her recovery (no cleaning of the incision needed).

    The vet may suggest that you replace the litter in her box with paper so she doesn't get sand in her stitches.

    It's really quite easy!
  8. Thank you girls, all of this info is very helpful! I'll make sure to ask the doc about getting her a cone, she's definitely the kind of kitty that would mess w/ anything unusual on her body. (I'm sure she'll love wearing that! Lol! :push: )
  9. When my kitty spayed, she was tired and just wanted to rest for a few days following the procedure, but then she was back to her old self. Since my cat has such a rough time at the vet(she hates it there), our vet let me take her home the same day, but I had to be 24 hour nurse(a job I was proud to do), and during her surgery, I went out and bought her some stuff for get well gifts(card, bed, kitty condo, toys) and they made her day! Before she got this done, she would hiss and bite strangers, but afterwards she was much more tolerante of them, and that's about it for personality change. Good luck to your kitty!
  10. I am pretty sure it hurts somewhat. Spaying is a pretty serious surgery if you think about it. It is a hysterectomy. Having said that, animals, especially cats tolerate pain much better than humans. Some vets will send you home with pain meds such as an opiod. I didn't get any when my cats were spayed. They used to keep the cats overnight, but in recent years, vet surgeons use smaller incisions and better surgical technicques, so they go home that afternoon. Some cats may be quiet for couple days, some may not 'feel' anything, some may be so spunky if on good pain meds, etc. Like everyone else says, make sure she leaves the incision site clean and dry. E-collar was needed on one of my cats :smile: Younger the cat, the recovery time is usually shorter. Good luck!
  11. Ask your vet if they will give your baby a pain shot before you bring her home. It costs extra but is worth it for the peace of mind. I've had lots of female kitties go through spaying and they have all done fine. I never worried too much about keeping them quiet--I figured, they will only be as active as they feel like being. One kitty, Spot (aka Madame Fifi!) was lethargic for the first day but back to her usual self by the next morning. And it doesn't change their personalities a bit! I've also had experience with sutures, staples (these you cannot remove yourself), and the surgical adhesive stuff that doesn't require any follow-up visit. Good luck to you and Muffin!
  12. Spirals,
    I have three cats, but they are three "boys". When I got them spayed, as others said, it happened in the morning and I brought them back home in the afternooon. They were KO until late night, about 4-6 hrs after the surgery and then gradually woke up. Two of them did not suffer of any aftereffect, and were only sleepy for like an hour after waking up. the last one, the one in my avatar, woke up and puked a lot for a couple of hours and had for the whole night like "narcolepsy" attacks, which meant that he looked perfectly fine for 10 minutes and then collapsed back to deep sleep out of the blue, while walking or eating. I was a bit worried for him, and he slept with me the whole night, but then went back to his old self the day after.
    I know that the surgery procedure for male cats is much less invasive than for females - basically they just "suck out" the inside of their testicles, and they do not even need suturing because it is all done through a tiny incision between the two testicles - whereas for females they need to make a "real" surgery to perform the hysterectomy, so I guess it is more important to keep an eye on them during the recovery. In my cats' case, the vet told me that it was ok for them to lick the wound, because saliva acts like a disinfectant so the cat is basically able to keep the would disinfected by himself. This is for boy cats, though.
    If you get you kitty back asleep, don't get scared by her appearance. First of all, she will smell a little, in other words she will smell like a cat in discomfort, but that's normal. Second, she might be in such an unnatural sleep that she might feel stiff and in some cases could even have her eyes partially open. It is natural because they are artificially asleep, so do not worry. I remember that with my first cat I was worried sick because he really felt dead, apart from having a really superficial breath. Then I found out that it is normal.
    So.. all the best to your kitty!
  13. How did the spaying go? Has it happened yet?

    Let me just tell you that you should ALWAYS get a female cat spayed, if for no other reason than your own sanity!!! :wtf: I rescued a kitty from my street a few months ago and for the entire first month I had her, she would howl ALL NIGHT LONG!! Nothng I did would entice her to stop. But, the vet had originally told me he thought she was pregnant. Turns out, this entire time, she's IN HEAT!! Having a cat in heat is just about the most miserable thing you can imagine. I didn't sleep for almost a month!

    Now that she's spayed, she is a perfect little doll! She's still VERY talkative, but that is just her personality.