i'm sure you're all sick and tired of seeing...

  1. black metallic 226s! however, i could not resist showing off mine as well. i picked her up from chanel in short hills, nj on friday. she had her "debut" at madison square garden on monday for a muse concert.

    i am so :yahoo:to finally have this bag! i actually bought the hybrid classic flap with mm lock from Saks because i trusted the sa who told me that that was the black metallic. i ended up returning that one and twiddling my thumbs just waiting for this one. i am so happy that i waited though... it's definitely worth it!

    anyways, here's pictures of this beauty. just to give you some reference, i'm 5'1 (on a good day) and about 100 pounds.
    black metallic 1.JPG black metallic 2.JPG black metallic flash.JPG Picture 209.jpg Picture 212.jpg
  2. here's a picture of my tiny chanel collection... only two so far.

    ebony and ivory... so perfect together!
    Picture 216.jpg
  3. I'm not sick of seeing the Black Metallic 226's. Keep the photos coming! Enjoy your great new bag! It's a terrific color.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  4. lovely congrats!
  5. congratulations girlie! :woohoo: i'm glad you finally got the correct bag you wanted. it looks great on you! your tiny collection is not tiny, it's selectively gorgeous! :tup:
  6. Holy gorgeous!
  7. Yea! I got on the list for the one coming to my Saks, too. She said it was the 226 black metallic, but I didn't notice what type of closure. I hope it is the right one!
  8. Leem, Just talked to my SA at Saks this afternoon and she said originally SAKS ordered black metallic reissue but later they cancel the order, so SAKS only ordered dark silver reissue. I called another SAKS and the SA told me the same story.:crybaby:
  9. kaori- i love the way you think! "selectively gorgeous" is the perfect phrase to describe it...

    leem- be very careful... unless something has changed, saks never ordered the black metallic 226. i called a few different sa's about it and one finally called their buying department for me. they confirmed that saks never ordered the bag... so none of their stores will have it. the one you waitlisted for is probably the one i mistakenly thought was the metallic black 226. it is probably the distressed lambskin classic flap with the mm lock. ask your sa if the code is a30226y04636. don't want you to get tricked by saks like me!
  10. azaelea and chloe--thank you both! She looked it up in the book, but I am glad to be on the lookout!!! I'll let you know
  11. This is a very beautiful bag. I love seeing it posted. I am excited for you.

  12. Stunning, congrats!
  13. I love it. I actually like seeing all the photos even if they are of the same bag b/c everyone wears them so differently.
  14. Ohhh :nuts: Great modeling pics! I'm glad you held out because metallic black is definitely worth waiting for!
  15. I could look at this bag forever. It's very stunning, and your collection is very classy.