I'm sure this has been done before or at least talked about, but lets

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  1. Really plan a BBag get together. And somewhere warm (Vegas)? I didn't say BALNY just because it doesn't sound like supper fun store! Is anyone out there taking me seriuosly? I think that this would be an absolute blast! Let me know what you all think. I am up for anything!
  2. It would be awesome! I know I'm going to be out there te weekend of June 2nd.
  3. Yeah count me in... all the way from AU :p
  4. What store besides balny has a huge bbag display? Then we can plan a trip around that location and then come up with a date!
  5. If you guys do it in L.A., I'm in :smile:
  6. We should have one in AU, too!:yes: Then we'll feel closer to the rest of the world:yahoo:
  7. And one in the UK. We could all do it on the same day in all the different countries/states etc!!
  8. Australia is my dream destination :yes: Although, I just can't imagine being on a plane for 24 hours :wtf:
  9. A PF gathering in Vegas? That could be trouble!! :graucho: I'm in!!!!
  10. Im in for one in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I could be up for that (depends on when). But I like the idea of doing it in different locations on the same day.:yes:
  12. Starting May 3rd Im in for NY!!:yes:
    yay...finally a city were spotting bbags is usual:nuts:
  13. Drat...I'm usually in Vegas for the shows but not going this year of all years! It's usually in August- I can go next year though!
    Also- I will be in Munich from June 25-27 if that means anything to anybody:graucho:
  14. I'll be in Vegas in June, possibly in may too!
  15. So, we aren't still meeting at BalNy on May 26?!? I know a lot of that was joking around, but it would be great for those of us that can meet to have a NY meeting.