I'm sure this can't be true, but...

  1. I've never posted before, but have been reading for a while and I love reading all your posts. Anyway, I was at Macy's the other day buying a Spiaggia Nuvola (psyched) and when I got to checkout the saleslady said something like good thing you are buying this now because Lesportsac is ending it's partnership with Tokidoki at the end of this year. She also said that people had been coming in and stockpiling them for this reason. Could this be true? I came home and searched and found refereences to the Vacanze print coming out, so that is kind of encouraging, but I am still worried. Anybody know if this could be true?
  2. Yes, Vacanze is the last print to be released.
  3. Yes, unfortunately. Toki's collab with LeSportsac ends once Vacanze comes out~
  4. Is Legno going to do his own line or something? Hopefully?
  5. We don't really know... but the idea of handbags + toki is such a good idea, that we're hoping some sort of bag line will come out~
  6. There are also non-LSS ones that are available in Europe, but not in the US currently.
  7. but prints are going to be re-released
  8. hasn't been officially confirmed..

    honestly, i only like the combo of toki & lesportsac.. probably not so much one or the other by itself :push:
  9. LSS has such good bag styles, but without tokidoki designs on them, I wouldn't have looked twice. I wonder which end decided not to continue the partnership? It seems to me that both sides stood to gain more when they were working together.

    Maybe it's because toki is still relatively young [I dunno..], and Simone would like to create a bag line of his own. I hope they have super cute styles, too.
  10. It seems like it has, at least here in Hawaii. Otherwise they've ordered Foresta moot. *lol* I don't know what other confirmation we can have besides the managers confirming it and having ordered it already...
  11. I wish it wasnt coming to an end because there is still so many more prints they could come up with. Like (I've said this before) but I would die for a tokidoki medieval bag with baby dragons, adiso as a knight, and ciao ciao as a princess.. Or a swinging 20's bag with the Moofia gang and their machine guns. And there is still a lot more cute ideas out there... Well maybe Lesportsac will give Simone a better offer to design more bags. Because I bet once there is no more tokidoki, lesportsac's sales are going to take a huge hit.. :yes:
  12. O_O That swingin' 20's idea with the Moofia is INSANE! I would go nuts for ANYTHING with that on it.
  13. id go crazy for the medieval one!
  14. Yeah.. Someone should tell him that when they go for a signing. I don't think he has come to FL but one tPFer should stick those ideas in his head..lol Just make sure to wear a striped black and white shirt and rock to the sides while saying it many times. Maybe it'll work..:sneaky:. lol
  15. So he can think that we're insane!?