i'm sure it has been asked before

  1. but i couldn't find any reference to it. can "S" marked items, from sales, be reconditioned/repaired at hermes?
  2. I believe that sale items can be repaired at Hermes, but 100% sure. Hopefully, someone else can also weigh in.
  3. right. but does that have any effect on whether or not they will repair the items?
  4. HiHeels....yes I believe these items can still be serviced by Hermes.....I haven't heard otherwise. Anyone???
  5. Actually, I have heard that the only items that they will not recondition or repair are the shooting star items. All sale merchandise would still be able to check into the spa!
  6. why do they brand them with the S?
  7. Is it possibly in case someone tries to return for full price credit maybe?? Just a guess!
  8. i thought of that but they must require a receipt at hermes to return something, if they don't personally remember you.
  9. I've asked the SA about this before & Shoes is right! :yes:
  10. Hello - I spoke to an SA about this and was told that the "s" items are often times purchased from Hermes stores that are closing or are discontinued colors or leathers. Have you ever heard of an Hermes store closing?

    Yes, they can be re-conditioned. I believe only the shooting star bags cannot be.
  11. All "S" Stamped items can be serviced at Hermes. Only the Shooting Stars cannot. Hope this helps :smile:
  12. info. from my SA - Receipt is a must if you're returning items like watches, which could have been purchased from an authorised retailer at a discounted price. There are customers who brought scarf into the store & exchange for something else. Some of them don't have the receipt as they received the scarf as a gift. Of course, Hermes does assess each request on a case-by-case basis.
  13. thanks. just wanted to be sure. LZ has loads of stuff with the S stamp, so i thought before i looked any closer i ought to double check here.
    thank you to everyone who responded.