I'm sure I'm not the first with this issue!

  1. I am RUINED by Hermes for the rest of my life!!!

    I decided a while ago that I wouldn't buy a black Hermes bag (at least not for quite a while) because I loooove and want Hermes *colors* so badly, and I want to buy those first! I decided that I could just buy a classic Chanel or YSL bag in black next year in addition to another colored Hermes bag, since it would be cheaper anyway.

    But I've been looking at classic bags from other brands and...cringing :wtf: My mind keeps wandering back to a classic black 30cm Birkin or a HAC!!! I've never even liked Birkins that much, but in terms of having that *ONE* perfect black classic bag, my mind keeps going back to it. But it kills me because I *know* I'd use it, as I do have a darn decent amount of black clothing, but I love the colored bags so much more! My wardrobe is half black and half insanely colorful, and I'm beginning to wish that it wasn't :sad: I just can't find a black bag that I like from another brand! I mean yes I'd love to only have to pay $1,600-2,500 on it, but wow I don't know what is wrong with me! All of a sudden every other bag just doesn't do anything for me :sad:

    I most definitely want a bag in Rose Shocking chevre, that I am absolutely sure of. I love the Rose Shocking Bolide so, so much!!! But I know that a black bag is a very -logical- choice, as I know that if I buy a single good classic black bag, I never have to buy another one a-g-a-i-n.

    So, my friends, I ask you: If you were buying your first Hermes bag, which would you purchase first...the beautiful color, or the classic black?

    It's such a headache knowing that you can only buy one really nice bag a year, and you realize that for the first year you either:

    a. have a black Hermes bag to match all of your dark clothing.
    b. have a brightly colored bag to go with all of your brightly colored clothing.

    I just can't see myself wearing my bright pink and white skirt, with a white top and white shoes, carrying a black Hermes bag! Maybe it could work and I'm just being an artard (hell maybe my black hair would tie it in!), but I'm just not seeing it right now. My usual summer/spring wardrobe consists of white skirts, white sandals, and brightly colored polos or Anthro tops , which seem way too colorful for a black Hermes bag like a Birkin, HAC, or Bolide. But a bright colored Hermes bag would seem massively out of place in my darker winter/fall wardrobe, with my usual black tops with darker colored skirts (rust, purples, etc.)

    omg someone help me, lol :sweatdrop:
  2. Let me tell you that my first H bag was a colored one. I went to the store, and bam, it's like I got hit by Cupid's arrow and I couldn't leave the shop without it. I also think that colors give a bit of spice to a black outfit.

    As for my first Birkin, it was black. I thought about it hard at the store. I really love H colors so that's why I was hesitant to get black. But I am so glad and happy I bought BLACK! It's very useful and you can carry it everywhere.
  3. Neeya:

    I think we are ALL ruined for life by Hermes! Maybe my own experience will help? I had in the past always had a black bag (generic)...and as I delved into the realm of higher end bags, I tried to branch out (red, various browns, etc). When I finally decided I wanted an Hermes bag, I had no idea what to expect, but came upon a black Chevre Kelly with GH. This, I bought in the spring and carried nearly every day (if I had just one little smidge of black on, that bag was carried!).

    If you are like me, and you don't want to quote-unquote waste your money on a non-Hermes bag to satisfy a "wardrobe need" or a desire for a pop of color, maybe you should get that classic black HAC and either make do with that or spend as little as possible on a summer-pop-of-color bag until you can get that rose shocking Bolide?

    Having said all that, if the RS Bolide happens to appear in front of you one day before you've found the black bag, grab it first!:yes:

    Does this help or did I just make things worse? :angel:
  4. Great thread, Neeya!

    I chose classic black box Kelly for my first bag - truly, naively thinking that it would be my only Hermes bag!! Oh Brother... I am stalking Birkins as we speak and because I am a redhead who wears neutrals - I'll likely go with a brown/gold family Birkin... but you should follow your heart to the nearest color that you can't live without!
  5. If I had to choose among black and bright color...I would go for black
  6. 'Ruined for life" is RIGHT! I can totally relate. My advice - get the classic black first. You will use it all the time and with all the Hermes charms, scarves, and Twillys in the world, you can have color with your Birkin anytime you want it!

    I have two 32cm HACs and neither are "color" per se (one is Barenia and the other is black Chevre) and I adorn them with charms and scarves when I want a splash of color and they certainly do dress up nicely!

    But, in the end, you simply can't lose with any Birkin, IMO. Do tell us what you decide!
  7. I am a colour girl (having said that, I DO have a black boxcalf Kelly). I'm one of these people that do not believe black goes with everything, in fact, where I live especially, black doesn't go with much at all. I agree, it all depends on your lifestyle and other factors....for instance, I know HG wears a lot of black, and the majority of her H bags are black...she lives in NY and likes to wear dark colours as they suit her more, and make her look more mature (I would simply die if a colour made ME look more mature! I would kill to look younger than I am, like HG!)....

    Anyway, I live in a warm climate, and truely find black a difficult, less versatile colour to wear - my Kelly comes out little compared to my Bolide and my Trim, for example.

    Put it this way, too. You will never stop at just one H bag, so does it really matter which comes first, the colour or the black?
  8. Or, look at it this way: Hermes often discontinue, or pull out of production some colours....but they will always do black. So perhaps get the colour first, in case RS gets discontinued.
  9. LaVan: I'd love to know what color your first H bag was!!! :biggrin:
    oh god the RS Bolide has already appeared in front of me!! lol I just couldn't buy it until September this year ;_; It's torture seeing it, because I really do love that color!
    AuthenticLux: you know, thank you for reminding me of the touch-of-color that a twilly or pocket square can give a black bag! I'd completely forgotten that a bag could be played with in that way!

    I just still wonder whether or not a black HAC or Birkin would look good with a solid white + bright pink or bright blue or orange, etc. outfit that doesn't have a spot of black in it clothing/shoe wise, even with a touch of color added onto the bag :s Could it really work?

    Grand Fonds, that is a GREAT point!!! I would die if they pulled Rose Shocking before I got a bag!! And I know I could never stop with just one bag, but it annoys me to think that for my first year, I may only be able to wear my lone bag with only a couple of outfits, rather than being able to use it with most of them.

    My lifestyle: I'm in the U.S. South, and I'm a college student, but one that can go from bright and happy casual to dark and elegant (during the day) in less than a day. So my rapid changes in wardrobe make this decision difficult for me :sweatdrop:
  10. Go for the color first because there is always time to get a classic black later.
  11. i know how you feel! my first one is chartreuse, and i admit i do want a black one, but i'm more attracted to the colors. now that i do have the chartreuse one, i find it looks great with darker and neutral colors for the cold weather, and i imagine it'll look good with whites and lighter colors for warmer weather too :smile:

    of course, i still do want that classic black bag, but i don't WANT it as much as i do say, another fav color like blue jean, which is wonderful but not as easy to match with EVERYTHING.

    i think grands fonds makes a good point ;)
  12. Neeya, I can understand how you feel. For me, tho, the Birkin is a casual bag, even a black Birkin. Not to say you can't dress it up, but the style is casual....and I would definitely wear it with my summer colors and whites.

    With the Birkin, unlatched and open casually, shorts, t's and sandles....I feel relaxed and well dressed.
  13. Well I love black, so personally I'd go with a black bag.

    But given your wardrobe I how about a gold/camel bag for you - it should go with summer and fall items. Harder to keep clean maybe but no harder than a pink bag. What color bag do you wear now?

    Also I think while Hermes is fabulous there are other nice leather bags you could get so that your wardrobe wouldn't be dependant on one bag - maybe LV or Gucci? You'll also want a more low key bag for travel or other events where you can't wear the Hermes anyways. Of course what can you do if you're in love with Hermes.
  14. I can't really see a black bag with an all white/colored outfit - maybe you could add black sandels? You have dark hair though, maybe it would work.
  15. You know what? Screw the classic/logical/neutral colors! If you want to get bright colors, go for it! I mean, I'm only planning on getting pink for bags and we're talking about multiples of the same bags even