I'm supposed to be ___________, but instead I'm on tPF

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  1. Nothing..done for the day..work wise!
  2. Away from my desk on my lunch break, but I find this much more entertaining plus I don't have much of an appetite today....ok tmi :p
  3. Cleaning and packing
  4. Finding something for dinner
  5. (working)
  6. making a drink!
  7. Preparing a report
  8. sleeping! I have an early meeting tomorrow.
  9. I'm suppose to be "baking pies", but instead I'm on TPF
  10. looking for a job...i need to come up with a cover letter but i'm so stumped :cry:
  11. Sleeping. But my puppy woke me up so now I'm on tpf.
  12. Emailing a coworker.
  13. Doing laundry
  14. Cooking last 2 dishes for my son's party at school
  15. Making adjustments on paperwork..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.