I'm super excited!

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  1. I know we normally talk about bags here but i just acquired this dress from eluxury and want to share!! I will post picture with my lovely lady dior bag when I get it! YAY my first Dior RTW :wlae::heart: Thanks for letting me share

  2. Congrat! Any modeling pictures. Which bag are you getting?
  3. Congratulations! Dior does make lovely leather goods, but sometimes people forget Monsieur Dior started off as a couturier, and some of the clothes are just gorgeous! You have excellent taste :tup:
  4. Oooh, gorgeous! :nuts:

    I just love Dior clothing. The cut is phenomenal!
  5. What a lovely dress. Congrats to you, and I look forward to seeing your pic with your bag. :smile:
  6. That is a beautiful dress, laurayuki, congrats! Looking forward to your modeling pics. :drool:
  7. Thank u thank u :hugs: I've always dreamed of a dior dress.. similar to my dream of Chanel jackets.

    bagchic1, the bag i was referring to is the white lambskin lady dior bag which i bought in 2006... i think. anyway i will post a picture of it along with the dress.. yay! thnx for patiently waiting with me :tunes:
  8. Nice dress - look forward to the photoes. Dont have any Dior clothing myself just long scarves.
  9. wo very nice !!!!!!
  10. The dress is amazing. Hope you'll get it quick and post some modeling photos :smile:
  11. So guys the good news is i got the dress to day and it's absolutely gorgeous.. but bad news is .. it maybe a bit too small for me!!!:crybaby::crybaby:im so upset! i usually wear a 34 or 36 in chanel but for some reason this size 34 dress is a bit smaller than i thought... i'm so upset.. i really liked the dress and it's the last one so no exchanges or anything... I dno't want to send it back but I don't know how else I will wear it... Might try it on a bit later at home but this is so furstrating!!!... I'm usually the smallest size in dresses but totaly miscalculated this one.. :sad:
  12. Aww no - what a bummer and with you so excited too. Sorry to hear that. Just how tight is it?? A little or a lot?? Is there any give as in getting it taken out a bit??
  13. Yeh would a good tailor be able to do anything about it? So sorry to hear about that. :sad:
  14. Forgot to add, I have had a few shirts etc (Valentino etc) taken in and out a few times and they have always done a good job. Fingers crossed for you.
  15. That is such a fab dress!

    If it just a little snug, hopefully a great tailor can take it out for you.