I'm super excited...clichy heels on the way!

  1. I never thought I'd find these, but I did! And in my size!
    I've never seen these in person, so if you have any modeling pics, I'd appreciate it.
    Kinda wanted Pigalles too, but couldn't find my size :crybaby:
    But I do think that rounder toes will be easier on my feet.
  2. I love the color!
  3. LV, congrats I love the Clichy, and that color is fabulous! Did you get them from Diabro?
    I ordered mine from Diabro and although they screwed up and sent me the pigalle, they finally got it right the second time around and sent me the correct pair. It is a very comfortable shoe and much sexier than the simple pump because it exposes much more toe cleavage.
    Enjoy and be sure to post modeling photos!
  4. ^^Yes, I ordered these from diabro. This is my first time w/ them, but so far so good! :tup:
    Oh, and I wouldn't even mind pigalle, lol, as long as they are my size!
  5. Their CS team is very kind and helpful, they called me to make sure that I placed the order and that they had all the information correct.
    I was just pissed that they sent me the wrong shoes and requested that I send them photos - they probably thought I didn't know the difference!
  6. Very cute, I love the color. Got to see pics when you get them.
  7. How much duty did you have to pay on those shoes? And how do they run? Do they run small?

    I would love to find a pair of 5" ones in black! I love the shape of the toes area for these shoes!
  8. ^^I still haven't received it. I don't know how much custom I am supposed to pay...
    They marked it as $150 but according to the tracking site, it was held up in SF customs for like a day and half, so if it was opened up, etc. I am not going to be too pleased. I am just hoping that it was held up longer due to holiday packages pouring in.
    I will probably get it tomorrow. EMS is usually 5 days or less.
  9. Those are really pretty. I love that color. It looks like it would go with a lot. I'd love to see pics when you get them.
  10. Congrats! I love the clichy! Post photos when they arrive. :smile:
  11. I received them this morning! I guess my city doesn't have an EMS office, b/c USPS delivered it. Didn't need to pay any customs fee. I think it was just delayed a bit at SF customs due to holiday season, but even with the holdup at the customs, still arrived w/in 5 days.

    I really love them! The color is more glossy than I had imagined, almost patent-like, but not quite...
    I will post pics soon.
  12. can't wait to see pics!!!
  13. wow you are my hero! i'm still working my way from 3 to 4 inches :smile::smile:
  14. Please post pics asap! I love this shoe and can't wait to see how it looks on.