I'm such an idiot ...

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  1. I'm such an idiot, I purposely went down to Saks today to make sure I didn't miss out on the $400 GC event and I forgot to stop by LV to get the items I wanted before the increase. What do you guys think of the Epi Jasmin?
  2. I have always really liked the Jasmin. Which color are you thinking about getting?
  3. jasmin is a very nice bag! very versatile..
  4. I'm thinking about red or ivory but since I already have other ivory pieces I think I should probably go for red. Mandarin was the best color in my opinion for Jasmin but unfortunately that has been discontinued for the longest time.
  5. I have the mandarin jasmine, and I love it....In fact, I was just about to switch my items into it. I was using my mandarin soufflot this week.
  6. Love the epi jasmin. Mandarin should return! Its an amazing color for epi
  7. You could always call Saks and they'll ship it to you ... and yes, the Jasmin is a great bag! I'd love to have it in Ivory one of these days! Esp. since they sell the extra strap for it!
  8. Ohhhhhh! A red jasmin would be GORGEOUS! :tup:
  9. I agree...I only discovered LV and the epi mandarin as that color was nearing the end......:sad:
  10. Love the Jasmin!
  11. I'm going to go in on Monday to try it on first. I'm still torn between red and ivory. I hope the Jasmin doesn't end up being too small (it somewhat looks like a large evening bag to me :P). To those of you who do own one, is it hard to get in and out of the bag and fit stuff in?
  12. I think the Jasmin is really pretty, but I have to give the Soufflot a plug. I recently got one in red and I love it so much!
    The Jasmin in red would be beautiful too, though.
  13. Just get what you wanted bf the price increase.
  14. I love it, I have it in Mandarin and it's my favorite Epi style.
  15. I had the Jasmin in vanilla and really loved the bag itself. I sold it because the colour wasn't for me...but I would totally consider getting it again in another colour :tup: