im such an idiot!!!!

  1. not like the bag is in SUPER perfect condition to begin with but it should be ok and stuffs but damnit. I used this soft moc gel cleaner 365.. it says its good for leather and such.. but what im not aware is that.. there are actually diff kinds of leather cleaners.. now that my mom explained it.. there are cleaners for light, dark, medium blah blah colors for leather.. ... and... NOW it looks like how it usually does when leather gets wet.. so now its pretty much ruined.. she said it might get better tomorrow.. yeah right T__T

    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.. and i just got it todayyy!!!!! *cry* T_T:hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric: im so frustrated right now that its not even funny :sad:
  2. what bag o.o;

    sorry to hear that :sad:
  3. lol im a bit over it now.. nothing i can do about it.. and good thing it wasnt new cos i would be very angry.. altho theres no point of cleaning the leather cos its not gonna become that dirty anyway :p

    and it was an OP 1st edition stellina =( its sort of in the category of "somewhat used quite a bit" type of bag lol but nylon and everything else is really good.. just that there was a huge black smudge on the leather that i tried to get rid of.. and yeah e_e;;