i'm such an idiot. i lost out on my wallet.

  1. Boo!! I purchased a beautiful vintage red epi wallet from let-trade and apparently my paypal address is no longer confirmed (stupid paypal) and let-trade wouldn't mail to an unconfirmed address. So, to be nice i wrote let-trade and said that i will try to sort it out and get my address re-confirmed but if they felt they needed to sell the wallet, they could. (i didn't mean it, i was just being nice...stupid me :sad: )

    So, i wrote them back later and said i got it confirmed and they wrote back saying they already sold it to someone else.

    I'm so upset!! stupid me. it's all my fault, i know.

    But, now i'm curious, do let-trades stuff stink of mothballs??? they are in hongkong and iknow they use a lot of mothballs there due to humidity.
  2. LOL!!!! I think so:roflmfao:
    BTW paypal is so :censor:
  3. I bought my Reade from them and it didnt smell like moth balls at all.
  4. My papillon 26 was from let-trade and it didn't smell.

    Edit: I think it also depends on the original owner's treatment of the bag
  5. awww. sorry you couldnt get the wallet. perhaps a better one will find its way to you soon. ^^
  6. :smile: i hope so. it was so pretty....but, maybe if i apply "the secret" (as seen on oprah, hahahah) i will find something amazing! :p
  7. poor you, try your luck on eBay! there are a few epi items
  8. I posted in another thread that I got a MC agenda from them last week and the smelled like mothballs. I have let it air out several days and the smell has faded but not gone away completely. It isn't overbearing though and I wonder if I smell it more because I know it's there, kwim?
  9. I"m sure that the red wallet that you just lost was veeeerrrry stinky :p

    I bought 2 items from Lt and everything was OK - my bag from LV_Lady was a stinker :confused1: but the smell went away (after 2 months or so)
  10. Sorry for the stupid question but...what's the meaning of mothball??:shame:

    BTW, let-trade was not correct at all, he could have waited for your address to be confirmed before selling to another person, IMHO.
  11. Oh that is too bad LT didn't ask you first if you really were getting it confirmed before selling it.
  12. Well, another better one will pop up very soon. ;)