I'm such a silly girl! LV routines?

  1. I'm heading to bed and stopped as I noticed something. Am I the only one who brings their bag up to bed for the night? I have a routine where I close up the house, grab my bag, bring it upstairs and take everything out and reorganize it or put it in the new bag i'm using. I've been using my mono speedy 30 for like 3 weeks now (a record!)

    just wondered if i'm the only one who tucks her bag in at night!?!

    talk to ya'll tomorro! :flowers:
  2. Hmm. I Think i'm too much of a procrastinater to do that. I would do that in the morning if i was going to. ut it not like i throw it on the floor. I place it lovingly in its special spot.
  3. Call me anal, but it's my Sunday night ritual. :shame:
    It calms me and lets me know I can start my week with a clean slate.

    If I change out purses, I put back the "fill" so the purse holds its shape in storage inside its dust bag and back in its home BEFORE I take the next one out to use for the week.

    Even if I'm using the same bag the following week, I still need to clean out my bags.
    Can't stand receipts, change, loose ends that were dropped in there...

    As for tucking her in... Umm... I don't think DH would be happy if I made him sleep on the couch! :amuse: :sneaky:
  4. I do the same! lol
  5. Luv Classics, you make me feel at home here! LOL!
    My family and friends think I'm a pyscho...
    At least on this forum, we can be pyschos together!

    Ethan's Mommy, you're not a silly girl at all!

    I can't wait to see everyone else's responses tomorrow.
    Night night!
  6. I always take mine upstairs to my room at bed time! :nuts::sleepy: I guess we retire together! lol! I don't really do any organizing or anything... just don't want to leave her downstairs overnight. Is that crazy?
  7. my mom does that!! she cant go to bed unless if her bag is next to the bed or in her closet. :p for me, i clean out my purse every few days.
  8. Ethan's Mommy, you are not a silly girl... I do the same every night. I take my bag to my bedroom and sat it on my nightstand or next to my pillow on my bed when I go to bed. I also checked on my other LVs nightly to make sure they are okay... :p I can't go to sleep if I don't go through all my bags.
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. Aw, you guys are so cute! :p
  11. my bag always "sleeps" where i can see her first thing in the morning. so she always stays on my nightstand beside my alarm clock.
  12. Oh goodness how funny that so many share the same routine. Mine too gets double checked for a stray receipt etc then lovingly placed in it's spot. My family does tease me about kissing it goodnight (I don't actually kiss it they just think I might as well the way I treat it .. :nuts: )
  13. Oh, I def do this too.

    I can't go to sleep without my Louie being where I can see it.

    When I go to bed, Louie goes to bed in the same room as me and at the same time as me. :sleepy:
  14. I am not the only one who is paranoid..hahaha..I make sure I clear out my bag and put it back in the dust bag, then carefully place it back into my wardrobe. Sometimes, I will even take them out to smell or to check if the handles have changed to a honey brown colour which I dislike! Pray not so soon! My hubby thought I am mad...
  15. I do it some times.