I'm such a nice girlfriend!!!

  1. Well, after all the whining I have done to Vlad today, I felt like I should do something nice for him! So he is out playing some tennis with a friend and I completely cleaned his apartment. Did all the laundry, dishes, cleaned the floors, put all his clothes away (by all I mean his life- he hasn't unpacked since he came back from Germany!!!). Now I am going to go make him an iced chai tea latte with a scoop of ice cream for when he comes back!!

    Just felt like sharing what I did... because I am pretty sure he will say "Aww thanks!" Then not realize all the work and hop on his computer... :rolleyes:

    Hope you all are having a great Friday night!! :yes:
  2. aww how sweet, i'm sure he'll appreciate it :smile:

    i just fell off the wagon and ate half a pizza...now i'm disgusted with myself and threw the other half away, plus a secret stash of pringles. i'm spending my friday night with my tivo!
  3. What a catch you are !!! he will surely appreciate it when he gets home.:love:

    Tonight I have to catch up on The Young And The Restless, i have 2 weeks worth on tivo >>>>>>>>>>>> in other words I'm not doing much tonight. :blink:
  4. That is really nice of you! I could only do all that if I was not tired and didn't work:lol:

    He should get you another Louie;)
  5. Gosh, you almost inspire me to do something nice for my hubby. But it's Friday night, I've got my ice cream, and he's working the night shift. :smile:
  6. That's so sweet! I just finished reading your "cramps" thread and do hope you're feeling better now. Sounds like you did a little "nesting" with all of that cleaning going on. LOL! It's good to do that. Takes your mind off the pain and misery of being a girl this time of the month! ;) I'm sure Vlad will appreciate all of your hard work and love!
  7. You are such a great girlfriend Megs! Vlad is lucky to have you and vice versa
  8. You'll have to let us know Vlad's reaction! That's so sweet:smile:

    I'm just hanging out at home tonight. Hoping to get to bed early and do some work tomorrow. Hope springs eternal.
  9. He is happy I cleaned... but had a feeling I would. That makes it less satisfying!!!! He wants to work now though.. I figured as much.

    But he is going to watch a movie with me first, then work! Yay!

    Hope you all have a great night!
  10. That's sweet of you! :yes: I like to clean my bf's house everytime I go over there because it makes him realize that he can't live w/o me since he can finally see the floor in his room w/o tripping over his dirty clothes and other junk. :angel: Men... what can they do w/o us women?
  11. :rolleyes: Man, I spent all night playing World of Warcraft.

    If my boyfriend was here I would have done something nice for him because I've been kind of whiny too, but he's out of town.
    I'll take him out for dinner next week, I think.
  12. wow! Megs you're SO kind!!! I would never do anything like that for my bf... he's got 2 arms and legs he should do it himself! hehehehe!!!

    you're a great catch and i hope Vlad knows it! you both have a great night too!
  13. That is so sweet Megs :heart: Wanna be my GF??? :lol: Cuz I could sure use all that TLC!!! :lol:
  14. Vlad Is The Luckiest Man On Earth!!! Megs, care to share how both of you fall in love and develop passion for bags?
  15. That's so nice of you Megs! Vlad must appreciate it so much.:yes: