* I'm such a lucky girl - I got it! *

Mar 9, 2008
I thought I couldn't get this scarf anymore... But yesterday my SA called and told me that it's here!

I immediately rushed to the boutique and grabbed it!

Taaadaaa.... :yahoo:

Yes, it's the Mono Roses scarf!
It looks so good worn together with my Roses NF!

Here's a deatil-shot:

I :heart: it so much!


Jan 7, 2009
Lucky indeed! congrats on getting such a beautiful scarf....I really really wanted it but spent too much on the roses speedy and vernis items that my hubby put the brakes on!!!! one day I will sneak out and get it ;) It makes my day when I see someone here post up the scarf! that way i can live vicariously through you all...thanks!