I'm such a goon!

  1. A friend of mine lent me his digital camera (my DF has taken mine out of the country for three weeks) so that I could take pics of my ever growing handbag collection for tpf natch, and what do I do? I accidentally scratch the LCD on the camera! Or at least I think I did - I don't seem to recall seeing scratches there before, but I didn't make a point of looking for them when I got the camera, and now there certainly are. When I examine the camera now, I realize it's already pretty worn - the case has a lot of wear marks on the front and back that I know I'm not responsible for. But I still think that I probably am for the scratches.

    I was being super, extra careful too! I'm soooo mortified! I am always super careful with all my friends' possessions, and I feel terrible. What a goon! :lecture: :Push:

    What should I do? I haven't told him yet. Should I buy him a new camera?
  2. I would check to see the price of repairing it before purchasing a new one.
  3. Ask him if there were already scratches on the screen. Maybe they were already there and he knows about it.
  4. ^^ I agree. Also Displex gets rids of scratches on mobile screens and ipod screens so it may be work having a go with this - it did wonders with my new phone when I dropped it - ended up looking like new!
  5. Tough, Greendrv!!! But anyone who knows you would know you'd never be careless! Sometimes sh*t happens! Can you buff the scratch out? Get the screen replaced? Maybe take it to a small family-owned camera repair shop. Their prices are usually very fair and they'll really try everything before you have to buy a new camera.
  6. you're a goon lol... no you are not but sometimes...i would say, fess up and then offer to fix or replace. you know in your heart that this is how you would want to be treated
  7. I'd buy another camera if the damage was so significant. I'd offer to pay to fix it though. I wouldn't replace it w/ a brand new camera only because it's soooo worn out already.

    Aren't there places that can do those types of repairs?
  8. Thanks for all the advice everybody! :flowers:
    Usually, I'm the one who hates lending my things to my friends because I think they will be careless and damage them, but this time I'm that friend! And I hate that.

    You're right. I'll let him know that I think I'm responsible for the scratches and offer to get them repaired.
  9. ^^ You never know, it might really not be you. I'm sure he'd apprecuate your honesty and work out a solution!