I'm such a geek, hee hee...

  1. I recently bought a pre-loved brown Epi Petit Noe on eBay. It was authenticated by MyPoupette, but I took it in to the LV store today to get their official opinion. I carried my Lockit Vertical (so they would know I bought new, authentic LV, not just stuff on eBay), on which I have a really cute brown/tan/red/cream color plaid scarf tied, and as two SA's walked by me when I came in, they both stopped and said, "that is really cute!" and "that looks great!" I felt so cool! :p I know that's goofy, but I felt cool that the SA's thought my scarf looked so good on my Lockit. They also confirmed that my Noe was authentic, and were really nice to talk with. And as usual, I had a great time looking around the store. Just had to share what a geek I am that I felt really cool because of the SA's compliments! :smile: Gotta love LV!
  2. lol. Glad to hear a "good experience" thread!!!! :nuts: :lol:
  3. you should post a pic of that scarf with the lockit!
  4. That's cute. I think it's great to get compliments on stuff by people who work there....makes you feel like it's legit! LOL
  5. Nice! What color petite epi noe did ya get??? oh brown, congrats!!! hooray for authentic!
  6. Glad you're bag is auth. and you got 'noticed', lol! Compliments are awesome, plaid sounds really cute next to that color. Enjoy your 'new' to you noe! And lol about bringing your lockit to make the right impression, been there (haven't we all)!
  7. I love getting compliments as well - Congratulations on your new bag!
  8. Here is a pic of my Lockit and my "new" Noe in the 2nd pic. Thanks for the replies - I hope my silly experience today was good for a laugh or two! ;) lockit1.jpg

    lv collection.jpg
  9. That's great! Are they usually nice about authenticating?
  10. haha aww thats so cute. you're totally cool for being happy about what the SA's said..not a geek at all!!
  11. Glad to hear about your wonderful experience.

  12. I LOVE your Lockit Vertical. I thought I wanted the LH but looking on the ewbsite and now, your Lockit Vertical...I'm starting to like that style.

    It's only a handbag...not a shoulder bag, correct?
  13. You're not a geek, we all like to hear nice things about our bags.:yes: Good to hear about nice SA's too.
  14. Thank you, I love it, too! It is a very large bag, and easily holds a lot of "stuff," and you are correct, it is only a handbag, not a shoulder bag. That's why I wanted the Noe - a big shoulder bag (can you tell I like big bags?)! The LH is a really nice bag, too, though, and I've heard great things about the Batignolles Horizontal - a very roomy shoulder bag. Ahh, so many bags, so little time...:yes:
  15. Oh yay that is so cool.