I'm such a Chanel dork!

  1. Even when I'm drooling over non-Chanels like watching a video interview with Christian Louboutin, I started squealing when the camera scanned a Chanel! :roflmfao: I woke the DH last night squealing "It's my MC Tote! It's my MC tote!"

    I must say, the MC tote looks great amidst all the new Louboutins. So ironic that Monsieur Louboutin was talking about his new line of bags, right next to a Chanel MC Tote. :wlae:

  2. :lol: too cute! I'm sure he was happy about it!
  3. :roflmfao: I saw it too! I'm waiting and waiting and half way through... there it was. Looking pretty darn good too!
  4. Haha...thats is hilarious! I love it....drool...I so need one of those bags!! Its on the list!