i'm SUCH a bad influence!

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  1. my lovely niece (she's 6) was just in my room a little bit ago. as she usually does, she likes to play with my purses and heels. after a few minutes of that, she looks at me and asks "aunt katherine, could i have a coach purse like you?" (yes, i've trained her in bags already. she can identify coach, lv, and chanel...hehe). and the look on her little face was the cutest thing i've ever seen.

    so i asked her if she wanted to use my wristlet as a little purse and her response was, "can i use that big one in the box?! i like that one!" (referring to my legacy satchel).

    i couldn't help but laugh. at 6, she's already wanting a $648 bag that probably weighs as much as she does.

    all i could tell her was, "your aunt katherine loves you...but you're not having a nicer bag than her!"

    i feel bad for my brother and sil now...they're gonna have FUN when she's older. just wait until i introduce her to the joys of mall shopping...:graucho:

    which brings me to my point...ideas on a kid-proof wristlet or something like that? obviously, she's NOT getting a purse at this age. maybe a keyfob? but i can't think of any cutesy ones right now...
  2. When she is a few years old, I would go with a sig wristlet or skinny. Maybe start her off with D&B first.

    It is cute that she wanted your legacy satchel though :roflmfao:
  3. too cute!! I think this would be darling on sale for $31.50
  4. oooh...that IS cute!

    (i want one for me, too! hehe....i used to have a dooney wallet that color...)
  5. That is so cute! Imagine her when she gets older! I think it would be really cute to get her a little wristlet or something.
  6. I have been considering a D&B multicolor wristlet for my daughter... and she is only 2-1/2!! But, seriously, she carries around a no-name wristlet that I was going to donate to Goodwill everywhere; she is such a little lady.

    But I DID come to my senses and get her an inexpensive little bag for the holidays instead. She adores it and doesn't know the difference between designer and non-designer bags, so why bother? I'd have been buying the brand name for ME and my pleasure in her carrying it, not for her.

    But when she becomes aware, beware!

    I think the D&B wristlet is a very cute idea for a 6 year old, and it is inexpensive enough not to be beyond reason. You do realize that you're creating a monster, though, right?!
  7. yes! :devil:

    i love her to death...so i'm happy to do it!

    right now i'm looking at that dooney stuff with the bees on it...and a coach keyfob (she loves the breast cancer one i have from last year...she's totally amazed by sparkly stuff!)
  8. ha ha..
    I've done the same with my nieces. The oldest has been wearing Coach for two years. She would wear it to school, before they knew what Coach was. She's 15 now. I got her a pair of coach sneakers and two scarves for xmas. Her bday is next month and I'm thinking of getting her the light blue signature hobo. Well her sisters are 8 and they can spot a real or fake bag. They are pros at coach and LV. They make me so proud. I told them that I'll get them Coach shoes as soon as they can fit into them.
  9. How cute! And by the way, did you decide to keep the satchel?
  10. no, not keeping it (i tried to love it, i really did...). but i've decided to sell it to a friend after the holidays.
  11. Hey, that link was ADORABLE! and fun enough for a kid! great idea!
  12. Awwww. Get 'em when they're young.
  13. nice choice. what did you throw in 'coach' for good measure? wristlet?