im stupid. **RANT**

  1. going to a wedding on saturday...don't like clutches so i never bought one...i used the white MC wapity for the last wedding i went to...sold it afterwards because i didn't have much use for it.

    been thinking about the wapity for the millionth time today! after the popincourt, this is the 2nd purchase i have regretted!!!!

    i don't want to fork a couple hundred out to get the wapity again because i've overspent lately...dear bf has been asking what i want for my bday next monday..and i don't want to tell him that i want the white MC wapity (we have different views on LV) but i don't want anything else other than LV bags and accessories..

    sigh..why am i so stupid?? now i'm left with nothing but either the damier pochette..or the ribera mini.

    which, in my opinion, is too dark for a summery dress!!

    argh :crybaby:
  2. oohh no what about getting an epi pochette it's only a little more than the wapity and maybe a little more useful for you
  3. I actually don't think that the damier ribera mini is too dark for a summery dress -- i like the damier ebene during the summer because it is simple and neutral. But if you really think that it is too dark, then what about a pochette in azur or epi ivoire? Then you could have a summery bag that should work for the wedding...
  4. The Wapity would be perfect! What about a Vernis Lexington? In Perle it would be perfect for summer!
  5. I agree on the Epi Pochette!
  6. what kind of color scheme does your dress have? the damier pochette might be a good contrast to summery colors if they're earth tones. if you're really unsure about it how about an azur pochette?
  7. i think the epi pochette is to slim for me...i have big arms ...the more to be upset about sigh :crybaby:
  8. ivory white... with a layer of lace on top..

    i have another cotton white dress...

  9. pochette azur...that sounds good...but sigh i have 2 days only to decide!

  10. Eeeeek I am sure I will get blasted for this suggestion...but what about getting something non LV so you don't spend a lot of money for something you're not going to get a lot of use of. I know you probably want it to be LV but there are so very cute dressy bags/ clutches out there that aren't expensive. *ducks head and runs away*
  11. I'd say Azur're into Damier (although not mainly Azur) but you will loveeee the Azur pochette. Do you have a budget/limit??
  12. WHAT!!! Not...LV... :wtf::wtf: what are these other bags you talk of?? nonsense I tell you

    I am of course joking!! it's actually I pretty good idea especailly if you've overspent too
  13. Buy another one before the price increase, then hold onto it. Have a running collection for different occasions. Good luck!
  14. karman, u so read my mind! yes, i'm not into azur...but the suggestion is not bad at all.

    on the other hand..the white MC wapity...argh!!!! it's so cute as a clutch!

    budget/limit...u know..asian bfs..not all of them or two, yea, but when u have way more than that..then....

  15. Azur pouchette would be lovely, and it could be used inside or attached to another bag as an accessory later too as well as using it as a pouchette - so pretty for summer.