I'm Stumped....Need your recommendations for a slouchy hobo/tote!


Mar 15, 2007
After being on this Forum for over a year and learning so much from others as well as my own "mistakes"....I know that I could really use your help in finding the following "dream bag" that I do not have in my collection!

Shape: Tote or Hobo - North/South, preferably taller than wide
Carry: Shoulder strap w/clearance of more than 8.5", prefer adjustable
Depth: Less than 3" (yes, this is the killer dimension!)
Material: Nice Leather!
Color: Grey or yellow or orange

To give you an idea of what I would love to have:

Compliments of the Marni website - it's one of her totes, but the size is too big for me AND it's out of my price range!

I've looked at Bare hobo bags (too long), Jane August Kings Road (too big and long) as well as Lolli hobos, but was told that the leather was okay, NOT great.
With a simple design, the leather needs to be the focus.

I am less than 5' tall and cannot have something that will make me look like a hobbit!

Would LOVE to get your suggestions!!

TIA :heart::yes:
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Aug 25, 2006
Hi DC Blam

I'm going to say Ignes- get the Virginia tote. I just ordered one.
They have lots of gorgeous grey colors- I got a hnadbag in dark grey w/ crinkled grey patent. You can tell him how long you want the handles, I ordered an 11" clearance on my Virginia.
They will line it in suede. They also have orange and yellow leather available.

Here are the greys of my Sophia I am using:

Here is DSRK's patent purple Virginia:

Look around all the Ignes threads. Email Ignacio- ask about a Virginia in 3" depth.
There is so much you can do, ask for rolled handles, a detachable messenger strap or shoulder strap, extra pocket in the back, contrast threading like a Marc Jacobs handbag.
They are only making the Virginia until the end of November.
It is already off the website but they are making it for us tpfers and you get that 1st time buyers incentive. It is an amazing company.
The girls say the patents are up there with Jimmy Choo, better than Chloe! You'll be happy if you take my advice, trust me!

If you get it now it is $355 but going up to $395- but you also get a 1st timer percentage off.
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Mar 15, 2007
hey duranie!!
thanks for the recommendation...I've looked at Ignes and this tote has more structure than I want....
thanks for helping me out!!!!


Mar 15, 2007
LindaP -
Have liked the look of the Nikki....but not as slouchy as I want AND the style w/the clips on the sides are like my Be&D Ingrid....
thanks for serving this up!

nu.icon -
Indeed - Tano bags are fun and come in great colors and I know firsthand cuz I already have a great Tano bag!!!
Great recommendation, just looking for something different.....

pleeze keep your recommendations coming!!!!


May 17, 2007
The Pie Hole
Hmmmm.....maybe MbMJ Hiller hobo? Though I dunno if that's as slouchy as you'd like, but it IS long and flat, with two strap options, comes in grey, and has nummy leather.


May 8, 2008
Chicago, IL USA
what about the wtm from belen echandia? it's been a big hit for their fall 08 line and be's high quality has earned many loyal followers. the narrow profile lays flat to your side and is comfortable to wear with the shoulder strap or extended crossbody messenger strap.

Whisper to Me

< Back to Collection

Dark Grey Glossy WTM

Internal Compartment
Large inside zip pocket
Mobile & PDA pockets
Pink silk lining
Key Strap
H 36cm, W 43cm, D 7cm (w/o strap)
H 14”, W 17”, D 2.7” (w/o strap)
Arm Strap drop: 18cm
Shoulder Strap drop: 25cm
Messenger strap length: 99cm

The Whisper To me is detailed yet subtle and is different from all our other bags in that it is designed to be flatter against the body, whilst still having a lot of space.

Wear it messenger-style, on the shoulder or on the elbow, whatever suits your personal style.

Shown here in:
Dark Grey glossy


Approximate conversion to local currency

Belen Echandia is famous for its personal customer service, a rare find in the fashion world. We can make to order at certain times of the year at no extra cost. We have many colours available which may not be shown on the website at present. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements. We can arrange to send you colour swatches and high-resolution images and even help you decide which colour to choose.


Aug 14, 2006
Check out M0851 - they have a few really interesting styles. I thought this one fit your requirements the best, though:

I also really love this one (I think the strap is adjustable simply by retying the knot:



Jan 30, 2007
i actually just got a hobo/tote which is super minimalist but i love her... Florian Allogio. Small french brand, the leather is scrumptious and soft and can fit tons!! Also I adore the shape! :smile:

here are some pics, sorry a bit blurry, could only take them with my bberry phone...

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Jan 31, 2008
Linea Pelle has some really nice leather styles... Have you checked out the subforum? Really great stuff