I'm struggling and I need help >> Graphite Box Calf

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  1. I cannot make up my mind about graphite box calf, and the uncertainty cum confusion is kind of upsetting me the past couple of days. I like to be clear cut in my choices but with graphite box calf, I am sitting on the fence and it's so awfully hard to make up my mind.

    I have searched the archives, but found very little, let alone any graphite box calf photos (sorry, if it's because of my inept search criteria).

    Please help me decide for or against this colour. I really love to hear the pros and cons of this leather.

  2. I am very new to owning Hermes, but I do know that graphite was one of the colours that originally caught my eye when I was researching the brand. I think it is a gorgeous soft, unusual, versatile neutral. I have never seen it IRL though, only in photos of swatches and pictures of bags. As for box calf, I think it would probably be my leather of choice if I didn't live a hard City life and were the sort of person who was more damn careful with her bags.
  3. personally i love the color Graphite a great deal, it's almost like black but with a Gray tone subtly shining through! i have placed a new order in Graphite with Gris as a lining color and i'm in love just by thinking of it!
    the only hesitation is Box, as it is such a shiny leather which it's kind of contradict with the understated dark shade of Graphite.
  4. Hi, I own a black box calf 30cm bag and I must say it stands up to the test of time. It does show superfical scratches easily (that is why I got black) but after it get's polished (at hermes) it does looks brand new. Although my bag still looks new, I hear from others that the box calf takes on a patina as it get's old. I hope that sort of helps.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Thank you, Miss Sooky, Chocolat Chaud, westwoodmama for your replies.

    I just realised a tiny mistake in my post. I already own a few pieces of box calf in birkins and kellys. It's not the leather that is in question. I love box calf.

    It's the colour graphite, in box calf. I am wondering over time, for a colour like graphite when the patina develops, will it actually look nice? Will it look more gray than black?

    How does graphite with gold hardware sound?
  7. Yes, CC. I have to agree it's something like that .... thanks so much for you post. I will have to give it second looks, to see if this colour could well become a good alternative to the classic black box with gold hw combo ....

    I am also very keen to see what is the official name of the colour I saw. I was told Graphite but after PMing a few members, I was told that Hermes is coming up with a new colour that is identical to Graphite but it's not Graphite. If I can find out this info, I will post back here.
  8. I really like the idea of Box Calf Graphite, as it would be a bit "softer" color and function basically like a black bag.
  9. Millstream, do you think graphite box looks better with gold or palladium?
  10. I forgot to mention that I'd always wanted black box with gold hardware in a Kelly. But after 3 Kellys, I really am a Birkin girl. So I just stopped thinking about black box with gold hardware.

    I am now thinking if graphite box with gold hardware would be a nice combo in a birkin?
  11. Since you asked, mrssparkles, I'd go with PHW to stay in the grey tones. I prefer GHW with Black, since to my eye Black/PHW is too "Prada." Going with Graphite PHW would also leave room for the possibility of a Black GHW Birkin in the future, without feeling it's too close to the Graphite to bother.

    BTW, I've seen Matte Graphite Croc PHW and it's a knockout.
  12. MillStream, a dear friend prompted me to analyse my H collection and I'm already encroaching on a cap as to the number of bags I should have. I actually didn't realise I have this number. So I cannot and must not (to avoid a real scolding) think black alongside graphite. It's this or that, and not both.

    Hmmm ... I like your comment about PHW with Graphite to stay in the grey tones. Someone else said the same too!

    I don't own a single piece of H bag with GHW, and am thinking perhaps it would look nice on Graphite. I am actually looking for a bag with GHW. I honestly am not very clear headed right now, so I will need second looks or even third looks to decide.

    Yes, I agree with you > Graphite croc is TDF. :sweatdrop:
  13. oh, i've seen a swatch of the new grey color. the name escapes me though, i think it starts with a T. it's bluish grey, i think graphite has more black in it than the new color.

    wish i could remember the name of the new gray color, though (scratches head)...
  14. Interesting! Thanks, pigleto! I need to check if what I saw is really Graphite or isn't it. The finer details are really going to matter now ....
  15. I am thinking Pall will be nicer with graphite:heart: