I'm stressing...which one??

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  1. I haven't purchased a Louis yet, and I think it's what I'm going to do with my holiday money, but I don't know which one. Too many to choose! I need something practical that will handle sippy cups and toddler snacks, but still look great. I think I've decided between the batignolles horizontal or the damier saleya. Which one?? I love this forum because everyone shares their opinions and experiences!!
  2. i have the Batignolles Horizontal and i love it. it's very roomy and not as structured as the Saleya, and i think the flat handles will be more comfortable on the shoulder than the Saleya's rolled handles.
  3. How about the Lockit Horizontal? I just saw that for the first time on someone and it was gorgeous, not to mention incredibly roomy with comfy handles.

  4. I second the BH. gorgeous bag:tup:
  5. I have the BH and the Damier azur Saleya, and to tell you the truth, the BH is my preferred choice now. The handles are flat and more comfy (but if you don't carry much in the saleya, then this should be no problem). However, the alcantara lining in the saleya is :heart:.... It feels much more softer and luxurious than the BH's canvas lining..... I think I'm going in circles now, so I'll be quiet.... lol Have fun shopping!
  6. Since you have to carry items for your toddler, a shoulder bag would be more suitable to your lifestyle and the Batignolles Horizontal seems to fit that requirement. If you're carrying a few items, you would want it to be comfortable on the shoulder so as the other ladies have recommended, the BH is better.
  7. Between the BH and the Saleya .... I'd go for the BH.

    It seems to fit your description of what you need in a bag. :okay:

    Good Luck on your decision!
  8. BH, you can carry it on your shoulder.
  9. Damier azur Saleya
  10. batignolles! I have a vertical, but still, I like horizontal too! I think that the Batignolles are so nice looking with the buckles on the sides.
  11. The BH is very pretty and functional.
  12. I have the BH and love it. You can fit plenty in it. I have a toddler and I can't imagine having anything other than a shoulder bag.
  13. BH for sure... I have both
  14. I love both choices, but own and vote for the BH. It's a great, roomy bag. The sides can be adjusted to fit more. The straps are comfy on the shoulders even when the bag is filled up.
  15. i also have the BH and love it to, didn"t know how much until DH gave me a new pen which i only keep in a plastic bag in case of leaks. but someone put it back in my bag in the cell phone pocket and of course the pen poured ink all over. so getting it repaired 8 week wait time so sad but point is love and miss my bag