I'm stressing like a mofo

  1. Do you ever find yourself stressing about stuff that is completely out of your control? For example, I am leaving on a trip in less than two weeks, and I checked the weather ( the 15 day forecast) and it says snow on the day before, and the day I leave. OK , OK I know it isn't 100% accurate but now I'm going through the what if's...what if my plan can't take off etc etc just silly stuff. Does anyone else do this?? I can't stand it.
  2. It's really hard NOT to stress and worry about stuff, I know....like wedding planning is the epitome, you want everything to be perfect and it's hard to keep things in perspective sometimes. But when I find myself stressing like that, I just picture the worst-case scenario and how I would deal with it. Usually it's not as bad, once I think it through and visualize how I'd handle the worst-case, I feel much better and in more control.
  3. I used to, until a therapist told me I was totally wasting my time and energy. It took a LONG time and I still obsese about smoe things. I always thought that was normal for an old woman. HA! Now I find out it afflicts all ages!

    Good luck hon. I have no magic words but I sooo kno whow you feel.
  4. I do the same thing and try very hard not to. My most recent thing that is stressing me like that is there was a bat in my house AGAIN last night. It was -15 out and 1 they should be hibernating and 2 it ran into my fiances head which they just don't do. I am freaking out because now every sound I think it is a bat and I am worried the darn thing might have been sick and I could go on. I am now just not enjoying my house and I am freaked out...should I be probably not but I still am.

    It's so good to know there are others out there like me lol.
  5. I feel you. I almost had a panic attack today at work. No joke. I was about to just walk out. They want us all to file our tax returns, benefits registration, ect on and online sytem this year but I can't figure it out. And there's no one from HR and it's due by thurs. UGHH! Plus I'm changin insurance carriers and they can't tell me how my new company health care will affect my RX or dental coverage. AND I asked about tuition reimbursment today as well and they were clueless and told me to "call." Call WHAT! Ok rant over...
  6. I stress out over EVERYTHING, i am always nervous about stuff. I dont know what to do, I hope you can overcome it bc it sucks. But sometimes i think i should be stressing out over somethin and im not and i get stressed out that i forgot about something imporrtant, lol.....im just neurotic
  7. I thinks its normal to a degree. I was diagnosed with everything from ADD to OCD until i was diagnosed bi-polar. Although I still get stressed its nothing compared to what i had to deal with in the past. Now I'm on some awesome pills and have never been happier. If its an issue that inhibits your daily life you should really talk to your doctor.
  8. Well the plus side is that I don't seem to be alone lol

    I am just trying to think happy thoughts bc someone told me if you stress and worry about it too much, it will manifest into reality.

    I am sooo ready for my vacation now :sad:
  9. Even if it does snow and your flight is canceled there's nothing that you can do about it...

    Sorry, I know that wasn't helpful and I don't mean to be insensitive. I'm just not a worrier when it comes to stuff like this. If a situation is beyond my control I don't waste time worrying about it :shrugs:

    Just focus on the positives: You're going on vacation, weather forecasts are often inaccurate, and just because it snows doesn't mean your flight is getting delayed or canceled-- maybe it will just be flurries. I flew into Chicago as a blizzard was starting once and everything was absolutely fine :yes:
  10. YES, oh yes.

    what helps me is remembering ALLLLLLL the literally countless times when i've stressed about something, only to have it not happen, or afterwards been like "WHAT the hell did i waste all that energy for, everything turned out ok!!" just keeping that in mind helps calm my mind a bit.

    and forcing myself to think rationally: i have no control over so-and-so. and nothing will be AS bad as it is in my stressed, anxiety ridden mind. and keep repeating that.

  11. dude, i have to comment on your john kras icon because it actually applies to this topic. one of the best pieces of advice/general wisdoms i've heard recently is actually a quote from him, i even wrote it down so i'll remember not to stress!

    it was from cosmo, lol:

    “‘Anticipate nothing, because it’s always worse in your head.’ We are capable of freaking ourselves out way beyond comprehension, whereas the world is a little more gentle on us than we are on ourselves sometimes.”

  12. I would be stressed out by a bat in my house! I completely understand you not enjoying your house and freaking out! Sorry if I'm not calming you down but a bat behaving strangely IMO is something to worry about.
  13. I totally do this! Even when I know there's nothing I can do, it's still really hard for me not to stress over it. I just obsess about something else LOL: like tPF!
  14. im guilty as well, but ive been really trying to see the silver lining in every situation, instead of stressing think about the positive in it.so maybe theres snow, take advantage of those new boots or something like that. an example recently for me is a very close and important relationship for me has recently come to a halt, instead of stressing about something I have no control over, I should look at it in another way, my friend was an awesome friend and I should be grateful that I was blessed with 1 1/2 yrs of a great influence in my life. I just have to focus on the positive.kwim?