I'm Still Stuck on the color thing...

  1. You all have such great advice that I must solicite your opinions again. I just recently acquired a 04 Marron. It is my first twiggy. I also have a 05 Caramel City. The problem is that I am looking for the most neutral but still statement making color. My caramel bag is great but just a little too light. And one minute I love my Marron, but the next I think it might be too burgandy. When it looks that brownish red I love it, but I feel like I should be absolutely "in love" with it and not just love it. (Yes I too need some obsessing therapy) I am thinking about maybe getting the new "olive brown" color that comes out for 06 winter. I saw the truffle and wasn't really sure about it either. I need your advice- has anyone seen the Olive Brown yet? And what do you think my solution is, as I can't really afford to have 3 bbags :crybaby: . I have to decide as this is driving me nutty! Help me please... :upsidedown:
  2. i think '04 marron is a great color, if u ever want to purchased anotehr one, i go for black or one in bluish/green color
  3. I saw the olive brown color swatch (I think that was olive brown since I don't think it was any of the other colors for Fall) in BALNY. They had a slightly bigger swatch for this than other colors. It had a very different personality depending on light even from the small swatch I saw. The SA who showed it to me seemed to be quite excited about the color herself.

    You may want to wait until the fall collection comes out if you want to purchase another bag. Definitely liked it a whole a lot more than any other neutral colors I saw. I'm waiting for Blue Grey and Olive Brown myself. Since I already have two blue bags, I might go with Olive Brown.
  4. THANKS ryu_chan!
    I think it sounds really cool and I know I don't want a black bag, and brown can be a hard match sometimes. Maybe with the olive combination it will rock. I just want that one bag that I can wear with everything and not be wishing I had a different one.... Wait who am I kidding :roflmfao:
  5. ilove2shop, i think greens are totally neutral & i've got a "thing" for them :tender:
  6. origan would be a good choice, but I find that ink is quite neutral and yet very statement-making at the same time.
  7. i have both origan and ink!!! :yahoo: both are fabulous neutral colors~~heres my origan city and ink hobo after lubriderm~:love:
    origan1.jpg DAY_1.jpg
  8. I have the sapin, truffe and ink. All three are great neutrals and besides the color, is why I got them (I like to be able to use my bags year round and with alot of things). But if you've seen them and you didn't get the 'wow' factor for them, then I'd wait to see what the fall colors bring.
  9. Thanks a ton you guys - and thanks for posting pics bb10lue!
    I don't mean to be stupid, but what color is "sapin" Goldensx5?
    I also like to be able to use my bags year round. Most of my wardrobe is that way.
  10. it's a nice color, I don't have a b-bags, but I saw one of my friend had that color.
  11. Here is a pic of my Sapin City (ink is above it & Truffe is to the left of the ink).

    sapin resized.jpg
  12. ^ whoa... that sapin looks lighter than I thought! Almost looks like emerald from s/s 06! Love your collection, btw :heart:
  13. Thank you, Hatikuh. And yes, the sapin differs in the depth of the color dependent on the lighting. It's so beautiful out in the daylight. I think in some lights it does look like a very deep, deep emerald and other lights like a beautiful forest green. I actually returned my Emerald after I received this one because I liked the Sapin color and leather better and did not want two green bags.