I'm still in shock.........took a trip down to NM's Palm Beach today

  1. and came back with this.............:yahoo:



    I've been trying to decide on which Cafe' style to get for the past couple weeks and I've been eyeing this PT on the Bal site and Nanaz's Marine GH PT..........and I finally went for it! I really love the PT style and how it slouches with the shoulder strap.

    NM's had so many gorgeous bags to choose from. There was an incredible white PT with GH that had the best leather.........super soft, smooshy with wrinkles that were puffy.......hmmmmmm, I was so tempted!!! But I couldn't do it with 3 boys that bag would be trashed in a heartbeat!

    I have a question, I almost thought this PT was natural because the white wasn't bright white. Is the s/s 07 white more of an off-white? Well, anyway, the color and leather were absolutely perfect with the GH!

    And OMG!!!!! the AQUA color is AMAZING.....that's all I can say! They had an aqua Brief with really smooth thick leather w/ GH and a City with amazing wrinkly leather also with GH. So, needless to say, the AQUA is definitely a MUST have. I'm so glad I went down to see the bags in person......it was a real treat!
  2. here's a pic of me wearing it..........

  3. Congrats- looks fab!
  4. Congrats, it's beautiful.
    I saw the white at my NM and also thought it was natural, until I took a good look at it. It was really nice leather.
    Cafe is such a great color - enjoy! Don't you just love the first few days, parading with a new bag?!
  5. I love NM in Palm Beach! Your bag is TDF!
  6. Oh good ... now I don't have to take pics of my Cafe GH Part-Time (which I'm using today!!!). I wasn't so sure about the Part-Time size at first, but I am JUST LOVING it now!!!! For everyday use, it totally suits the bill to a 'T'!

    Oh yeah ... CONGRATS, Twin!
  7. Omg...that's the best looking slouch I've seen on a Part Time ever!! Why doesn't mine look that good?!? It is GORGEOUS!!!! I love the color, too!!!
  8. CONGRATS cracker! I wish I liked the gold hardware but I have never been a gold fan. You look great for having 3 kids! Since you loved the Aqua why didn't you get that color? I really want something in Aqua!
  9. wow, that bag looks great!! :yes: it's the perfect slouch. would you say it's bigger than a twiggy? i have a grey 06 twiggy that i just got, but it doesn't hold anything and the strap keeps falling off - very disappointing. :yucky: but that bag looks perfect. congrats, maybe i'll hunt down a part-time after i sell my twiggy.
  10. You wear the Part Time really well! And your new bag is delicious.
  11. Gorgeous color! Congrats!!
  12. I had a similar morning!! I went to NM SF this morning and tried on that very bag in that color! The slouch is MUCH better on yours than the one I tried on! You totally rock that PT! ITA that GH on the PT is quite beautiful, especially in that amazing rich color!

    I also saw a bag at NMSF today that I SWORE was Natural, especially when I compared it to all the other whites (which were WHITE white), but the SA checked the computer and verified that it was s/s 07, just like the others, only this one had strong undertones of cream. It was amazing how much creamier this one was compared to the others!
  13. Yes, it's bigger than the twiggy and it opens up like a City so when it's resting on it's feet it's gaping open. I've always been skeptical of the PT but trying it on in person really sold me on it.

  14. I held this white PT up to a white GH Hobo and a Day and the color was different also, creamier. It was stunning. They had 2 other white part-times but the leather wasn't as nice on them. It's amazing how leather really varies from bag to bag.
  15. Gorgeous! Enjoy it!