I'm still getting that maintenance message

  1. Anyone else? I was on the board reading a thread and went to post-when i clicked on to reply-it brought me to the page that says the board was down for maintenance, bla, bla, bla. it took me about 5 minutes more to get back in.

    Is it happening to anybody else?
  2. Happened to me last night, after the boards were up.
  3. I'm having the same problem!
  4. I am able to get on through my slow AOL connection, however I can't even log on with comcast. I get that maintenance message. I guess they are still working on it? AOL is soooo slow!
  5. The problem with Comcast is that they did not update their Domain Name Server (DNS) settings yet, I updated them yesterday and it seems to take longer for them to propagate the settings across their network. Hang in there, it will be resolved on their end eventually.

    I have dozens of Comcast subscribers complaining about not being able to log on yet, not much I can do unfortunately.
  6. Here's something you can try to do if you're on a Windows computer:

    Go to Start Menu, go to Run... and type in 'cmd'. At the prompt, type 'ipconfig /flushdns' and press Enter.

    It should now say:

    Then, restart the computer. Try accessing tPF with your Internet Explorer or browser of choice.
  7. and i couldn't get in through my bookmark...i had to google and then enter through a subforum.

  8. thanks-that seems to have helped me Vlad!
  9. OK-I lied-it is still happening to me.

    And the worst thing is, I can't see the pics in megs' reveal! this is cruel Vlad-very cruel!:sad:
  10. Oh my gosh I thought it was just me!! I can log on for a bit and then nothing. I have comcast too so that must be the problem. And I can't see megs pics either:sad:
  11. i don't have Comcast-I am on a DSL connection with Verizon.

    but, I can see the pictures now! Woot!
  12. Vlad, I need your help. I follow what you said "type in 'cmd'. At the prompt, type 'ipconfig /flushdns' and press Enter." and I restart my computer.
    However, i still get the msg saying tpf is maintain..........

    :sad: I tried couple times and i can finally log on again
  13. I have internet through Comcast, too, and I couldn't log on until this morning. I was shocked to find out that the forum was back up at around 4pm eastern time yesterday! But everything has been working fine for me since then.
  14. *Sigh*

    Ok I officially hate comcast. It only lets me stay on here 5 min at a time. Then it sends me back to the under construction page. This sucks. I'm goin try what you suggested Vlad.
  15. any suggestions for mac users? i am pretty regularly getting the message, too. (also on comcast).